University plans to conduct as much in-person teaching as possible next year

Professor Graham Virgo announced plans for next years teaching in light of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

Stormzy and HSBC pledge to fund 30 new scholarships for students at University of Cambridge

30 students of Black or mixed race heritage will each be awarded a £20,000 scholarship over the next three years

Cambridge students react to the possibility of tuition fee cuts and caps on student numbers

The government is also discussing the possibility of different fees for different courses, and minimum qualifications for enrolment

Formula 1 to give full scholarship to Cambridge engineering student from underrepresented group

This will be for an incoming student in the academic year 2021-22, whose tuition fees and maintenance costs will be fully covered by the scholarship

Petition launched to stop Cambridge Uni’s planned partnership with United Arab Emirates

The petition expresses alarm that Cambridge, ‘it seems, is more than willing to sell its soul for UAE’s dirty money’

University of Cambridge accused of planning unethical deal with United Arab Emirates

‘It would be shameful if the University of Cambridge were willing to be used in this way’

New walk-in coronavirus vaccination centres due to open in Cambridge this weekend

With 432 people testing positive for coronavirus in Cambridge between 29th June and 5th July, the council stresses the importance of getting vaccinated

King’s College announces it will not enforce Grantchester Meadows swimming and boating ban

The college has no intention of patrolling the riverbank in the meadows, and has stated that no action can be taken against swimmers there

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Cambridge Uni report shows increased student loneliness and mental distress in Easter term

The report also showed students ‘rarely’ felt supported by the University

University of Cambridge threaten to stop teacher training amidst new government proposals

The university is ‘deeply concerned’ that adopting these proposed adaptations to teacher training would significantly ‘lower standards’ of training

King’s College reviews its ban on swimming and boating at Grantchester Meadows

King’s has also said it ‘cannot imagine any circumstances’ under which the college would prosecute anyone ‘swimming responsibly’

Petition to ‘keep access to the river at Grantchester Meadows open to all’ has over 17,000 signatures

The petition was created in response to King’s College’s recent decision to ban swimming and boating in the river there

King’s College to host walk-in vaccination centre for students and staff on 4th July

The College will host a subsequent clinic on 17th and 18th July, which will be open to the public

Churchill College ‘gave into pressure from tabloids and Churchill family’, claim members of disbanded group

‘It is the College’s responsibility to make itself a safe and inclusive space for Black and Asian people’

University of Cambridge to provide £1 million of extension funding to final-year doctoral students

Following campaigning by Cambridge SU, this funding will be provided to self-funded postgraduates whose research has been delayed by the pandemic

King’s College bans swimming, barbecuing and boating on Grantchester Meadows

The ban was created because of the ‘unsociable’ behaviour of visitors to the area, and concerns about erosion of the riverbank due to increased activity there