SolidariTee is going global

The Cambridge born campaign is spreading

Students across Cambridge wear black to raise awareness of sexual assault

A large number of students gathered outside the UL in black to support the Time’s Up campaign

Vice-Chancellor backs Dr Abdelrahman

He finds unfounded efforts to implicate her ‘disturbing’

BREAKING: Wine thief loose in Peterhouse

The victim is an unopened Morey St-Denis 1999 wine

Cambridge Footlights cause explosive Twitter thread after calling out misogyny in UK comedy

The Apprentice’s Claude Littner responded in a sexist fashion to the tweets of Ruby Keane calling out the gender imbalance on panel shows

‘No-platforming’ speakers could be illegal according to Cambridge

Cambridge’s criticism of banning speakers ‘within the law’ comes after the removal of academic Dr Salih from a Palestinian society event


Featuring Legolas!

Regeni’s murder: Supervisor’s data seized

Dr Abdelrahman’s phone and computer have been seized

BREAKING: Union Speaker Lineup Teaser

Ft. the GREATEST footballer of all time

EXCLUSIVE: Union Debate Lineup Teaser

One’s all in favour of nannies, but not the nanny state

Dick and Dom are DJing at Cindies this term

In Da Bungallare

Naked Attraction are looking for Cambridge applicants for the 2018 series

Calling all exhibitionists

Apply for the TAB TV team

Instant BNOC status awaits

Toby Young resigns from Office for Students

He once wrote in support of ‘positive Eugenics’

Cambridge only FOURTH in T.H.E. UK University Rankings

Surely not…?

New year, new knighthoods for Cambridge alumni

From Nick Clegg to Hugh Laurie, The Tab gives the run down on ex-Cantabs who’ve made the Honours list for 2018

Cambridge sex slave comes forward

She was sold to wealthy students

The Tab’s 2017 NEWS ROUND-UP

And what a year for news it really has been


Who doesn’t love a good quiz, eh?