Cambridge professor calls for legalisation of study drugs

“Let them license it, and maybe sell it in Boots”

Cambridge footballers punished by Jesus College for chanting about rape and sexual assault

Individuals shouted chants inciting rape to the infamous Chicago tune

Revealed: Trinity May Ball employing students with controversial contracts

Clear up workers take on 10-hour shifts for no monetary payment

NEWS COLUMN: Ruinous Robinson and Pembroken

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you

SMEAR campaign overshadows Cambridge Union election

In other news, water is wet.

History examiners told not to use the word ‘genius’ as it is associated with men

The statement follows news of radical History Faculty reform

EXCLUSIVE: Robinson May Ball announce new headliner

Robinson pull it out of the bag following a cancellation

News Column: Naughty NatScis, moaning Medwards and pedantic Pembroke

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you

LIVEBLOG: Election Night 2017

Join us for naughty, wheaty fun (apologies to anyone who’s gluten free)

ELECTION DAY: The Tab meets candidates for Cambridge

If you still haven’t decided, you’d better hurry up

Cambridge tops UK multimillionaire alumni rankings

Beating LSE and Oxford

Queens’ May Ball Headliner Revealed

There’s something for everyone

BREAKING: King’s Parade evacuated due to suspected bomb

The incident in Cambridge follows a series of potential terror threats throughout the country

BREAKING: Magdalene bans Labour posters

Police state in Cam

Meet the Candidates

Including a PhD, a nurse and an amateur DJ

Bernie Sanders in Cambridge: ‘We have a very strange president’

Bernie on climate change, Corbyn and crooked leaders

Cambridge History Faculty responds to reform at Oxford

Oxford is introducing a compulsory ‘non-British and non-European paper’

News Column: Cambridge conspiracies and Sidney knifed in the back

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

BREAKING: Pigeons bring BioChem exam to a standstill

Mill Lane under avian invasion