Trinity tops it again: Tompkins Table 2017

Where did your college come?

Ex-Girtonian appointed President of the Supreme Court

The first woman to hold the post

It is statistically harder to get on Love Island than into Cambridge

80,000 people applied to Love Island this year

More monkeys being used for animal research at Cambridge

No, it’s not monkey business

Cambridge cobbles in JEOPARDY

They’re on shaky ground

Revealed: Secret recording shows CUCA members scoffing at burning money in front of homeless

One member interrupted a speech with ‘It should have been a £50 note’, followed by raucous laughter

Daniel Zeichner resigns from Shadow Cabinet

The Cambridge MP has stepped down over the European Single Market

Christ’s fellow to head Grenfell Tower inquiry

The retired judge has attracted controversy for his previous rulings

Cambridge professor calls for legalisation of study drugs

“Let them license it, and maybe sell it in Boots”

Cambridge footballers punished by Jesus College for chanting about rape and sexual assault

Individuals shouted chants inciting rape to the infamous Chicago tune

Revealed: Trinity May Ball employing students with controversial contracts

Clear up workers take on 10-hour shifts for no monetary payment

NEWS COLUMN: Ruinous Robinson and Pembroken

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you

SMEAR campaign overshadows Cambridge Union election

In other news, water is wet.

History examiners told not to use the word ‘genius’ as it is associated with men

The statement follows news of radical History Faculty reform

EXCLUSIVE: Robinson May Ball announce new headliner

Robinson pull it out of the bag following a cancellation

News Column: Naughty NatScis, moaning Medwards and pedantic Pembroke

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you

Emma Thompson hits up Friday Life following Union appearance

The VK deal is just too good to miss

LIVEBLOG: Election Night 2017

Join us for naughty, wheaty fun (apologies to anyone who’s gluten free)

ELECTION DAY: The Tab meets candidates for Cambridge

If you still haven’t decided, you’d better hurry up

Cambridge tops UK multimillionaire alumni rankings

Beating LSE and Oxford