Sophie Tallon

Former Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Tab Cambridge

Sophie Tallon
Cambridge University

Cambridge University, Cambridge Colleges, Cambridge culture, News, Politics, Current Affairs, Rom-Coms, TikTok trends, Selling Sunset, The Kardashians, Love Island

  • Sophie was the Editor-in-Chief for The Tab Cambridge features team where she ensured her team produce quality articles that are entertaining (and lawsuit-free!)
  • Sophie loves to write articles relating Reality TV characters to Cambridge stereotypes, and anything about 2000s Rom-Coms!
  • Sophie loves to play netball, binge reality TV, and, of course, write for The Tab Cambridge


Sophie started writing for the Tab in her first year at university, and then became Senior Editor for the features team. She is now the Editor-in-Chief with Esther


Sophie is currently in her second year at the University of Cambridge where she studies Politics and Sociology and tries her best to enjoy the nightlife


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