Kate Leonova

Senior Editor for Theatre and Culture

Kate Leonova
Cambridge University

University of Cambridge, theatre, reviews, culture, art, literature, poetry, student news, current affairs, student lifestyle

  • Kate is the Senior Editor for the Theatre and Culture Section of The Cambridge Tab. This involves editing reviews of shows put on in Cambridge and encouraging authors to write articles about the cultural aspects of life at this university
  • Kate writes predominantly for the Theatre and Culture section. She is passionate about extensively covering the Cambridge Theatre scene and encouraging more people to see the amazing student productions
  • Kate studies Engineering, and is excited to broaden her horizons and write about the Cambridge theatre life


Kate started writing for the Tab in 2023 as a Theatre and Culture author, before progressing to Senior Theatre and Culture editor in April 2024


Kate Leonova is in her second year of studies at King's College, University of Cambridge, pursuing a degree in Engineering, planning to specialize in Mechanical Engineering


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