Iris Rogers

Senior Editor

Iris Rogers
Cambridge University

Student culture, news, features, rowing, local news, online Cambridge culture, current affairs, English Literature, investigative journalism

  • Iris Rogers is Senior Editor of the News section of The Cambridge Tab, and oversees the write-up and publishing of news articles. She also co-ordinates the work of the news team members
  • She is an expert on student lifestyle and culture at Cambridge, as well as local news. Her journalistic interests lie in investigative journalism
  • In her free time Iris is a cox for her college boat club. She is a poet, gamer and enjoys writing for small magazines


Iris Rogers joined The Tab in 2023 as a writer during her first year. In her second term she went on to become Senior Editor of her favourite section: News.


Iris is in her first year at The University of Cambridge studying an English Literature degree. She has been writing for The Tab since the start of her first year.


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