All or Nothing: Emmanuel college rugby team edition vol. 5

Can Emma continue to bring their dazzling style to Cuppers?

All or nothing: Emmanuel college rugby team edition vol. 3

Can Cambridge’s most stylish rugby team bring the goods to a new division?

All or nothing: Emmanuel college rugby team edition

The long-awaited and hotly-anticipated documentary on, arguably, the most exciting team in sport continues.

We thrashed O*ford in both Varsity rugby matches

Woop woop

All or nothing: Emmanuel college rugby team edition

Manchester City, the All Blacks…and now Emmanuel Rugby.

A darts don and a rugby icon – two Cantabs in the running for Captain of the Year

The Tab met with Greg Garnett and Kate Marks to talk all things sport

Mixed bag for Cambridge at Rugby Varsity

Women smashed it but the men not so much

A (Wednes)day in the life of a blue

Eat. Sleep. Win. Repeat.

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Run Fresher Run

(Around Cambridge)

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Boxing: Gown trounces Town in warm-up for Varsity

The safest way to enjoy a Saturday night fight.

Deuce-y gossip and advice served up by Boris Becker at the Union

Quickfire shots of Boris Becker’s Sunday afternoon interview

Running around Cambridge

In a sporty way not a panic way

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All day coverage, analysis, insight and gossip

Where to watch the Cancer Research Boat Races

Prepare yourselves

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Minute by minute updates on Pembroke vs Fitz