High and dry: How Cambridge colleges are coping without bedders during lockdown

A love letter to bedders everywhere x

Opinion: Students should not face disciplinary action for reporting harassment and assault

Covid guidelines are important, but they must not play into a wider culture of victim-blaming

Opinion: With another lockdown, Cambridge must be more flexible about remote study

Any student with a self-identified need should have the option to study remotely

Cambridge University: The myth of inclusivity?

The university reported an approximate 50 per cent increase in black students this year, but what is the reality behind this statistic?

Opinion: The SU’s campaign against in-person teaching is ill-considered and unwise

The mental health impacts of the campaign against in-person teaching have not been considered, and we were not given our say

Opinion: Asymptomatic testing at Cambridge should NOT be optional

25 per cent of eligible students at the University are not signed up to asymptomatic testing

Why household harmony is more vital than ever in Cambridge during COVID-19

‘Let’s be friends – best friends’ (Household Edition)

Opinion: We need to move all non-essential teaching online, and we need to do it now

Being sick of Zoom is better than being sick from long Covid, just saying

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