New Year’s Resolutions: Cambridge Edition

New year, same me

Bridgemas – cringy or quirky?

Bridgemas? Bridge-less, please.

Why niche societies are better than serious societies

Wouldn’t you rather listen to Taylor Swift than go to choir practice?

Cambridge’s virtual interviews: Yet another burden to low-income applicants?

Virtual interviews could disadvantage low-income applicants, but they don’t have to

Money Talks

Cambridge cost of living is adding up to far more than pennies and pounds

Why you should write more weird essays

Stem students… this one isn’t for you

A slow exec-ution: be wary of committ(ee)ing

Committee life can ruin your passion if you aren’t careful

New vs. old colleges – who has more fun?

Everyone knows new colleges have more fun

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Freshers should be more than just a week-long drinking game

Diversify your freshers experience – you won’t regret it

I spent my first Cambridge year doing everything except work

Here’s how I did it

The May Ball: Not actually the seventh best party in the world?

A short look into the effect of these extravagant events

Opinion: Can there be a rebalancing of university admissions without discrimination?

The dominance of white, privately educated men within the university admissions system might soon be a thing of the past

We ranked every Cambridge market food stall

The definitive tier list for the stressed student’s stomach

Ramadan in Cambridge: A retrospective

Finding community amidst hardships

Opinion: Why Caius’ Pride U-turn isn’t brave

Caius shouldn’t be congratulated for deciding our existence isn’t ‘political’

An unofficial ranking of Mainsbury’s white wines

Providing you with beverage options just in time for exam term…