It is time for Cambridge colleges to stop sending mixed messages about pride flags

Certain colleges’ policies on students flying pride flags is self-contradictory, hurtful and needs to change

Period poverty is an issue in Cambridge and the university needs to do more to support students

No student should have to decide between eating or buying menstrual products, period.

Dear academics: Zoom seminars SUCK and Cambridge students want you to stop doing them

“Oh, sorry, you go first!” “No, you go, I insist”

‘Threatening homelessness’ and other awful ways Cambridge colleges have handled Covid discipline

Ranging from reflective essays to the removal of accommodation, disciplinary measures need to be standardised

Camfesses about mental health issues have tripled in the last year and we need to talk about it

We all love Camfess, but we also need to think about the way in which mental health is discussed on our feeds

What being away from Cambridge has taught me about friendship

Cambridge may be far away but at least my friends are close to my heart x

Cambridge’s reporting procedure for sexual harassment is broken, and here’s how we can fix it

The university must implement a centralised reporting procedure to better protect students

Opinion: Cambridge’s lockdown response is locking disadvantaged students out of education

We shouldn’t have to choose between saving our education or saving rent money

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Forget Week Five blues, Week Two blues are the the real villain

What do you mean we have six more weeks of this?

Enough is enough: Please stop judging students for returning to Cambridge

It’s Cambridge not judgementbridge: Students should not be unfairly scrutinised for returning to college

I’m a fresher, and I don’t regret starting Cambridge in the middle of a pandemic

‘I took the decision to plunge myself into a non-ideal situation, and I feel like that decision paid off’

It’s time to stop pretending access problems disappear when students arrive at Cambridge

‘Why exactly do colleges make asking for genuine help such a painful process?’

Opinion: Moving university applications post A-level results will be a colossal step forward for Cambridge admissions

It’s time to move on from predicted grades

Someone needs to say it: Cambridge’s return policy has been utterly horrific

“The complete disregard for our mental health has been staggering”

Just a list of reasons why Cambridge should give us a safety net this year

I mean, I shouldn’t be having to write this article, but here we are

Opinion: Women’s Colleges are not Feminist Projects

An anonymous trans student at one of Cambridge’s women’s colleges argues why women’s colleges need to become a thing of the past