St John’s Free Places Programme: A poorly executed dream

Whilst the offer of free university places is a big step in the right direction, the glaring issues with this scheme cannot be ignored

More needs to be done to ensure Decolonising the Cambridge Curriculum is effective

Decolonising the curriculum is complex but we need to make sure that marginalised students aren’t being hurt by it along the way

‘Reclaim these streets’ is a Cambridge issue, and we need to talk about it

People of marginalised genders don’t always feel safe on the streets of Cambridge, and we need change

Cambridge’s exam mitigations are ignoring the realities of bereavement many students are facing

Many students have lost loved ones, and the university’s response to this is inadequate

Seeking mental health support in Cambridge may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try

‘It’s okay to need help and it’s okay to ask for help’

I’ve fought to protect my mental health at Cambridge, but it feels like no one is listening

My experiences with reaching out for mental health support in Cambridge have left me feeling abandoned and something needs to change

Opinion: Colleges charging vacation rent are disproportionately impacting disadvantaged students

This is simply the most recent in a long line of university policies that impact those who are less advantaged

Silence is still compliance: There’s more to be done about racism in Cambridge

Racism is not a debate, it’s a reality. Here’s what we can do about it

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Opinion: The STEP study is a step in the right direction for mental health support but it’s still not enough

With mental health rates on the rise, the alluring possibility of winning a £100 Amazon voucher probably isn’t going to solve anything

It is time for Cambridge colleges to stop sending mixed messages about pride flags

Certain colleges’ policies on students flying pride flags is self-contradictory, hurtful and needs to change

Period poverty is an issue in Cambridge and the university needs to do more to support students

No student should have to decide between eating or buying menstrual products, period.

Dear academics: Zoom seminars SUCK and Cambridge students want you to stop doing them

“Oh, sorry, you go first!” “No, you go, I insist”

‘Threatening homelessness’ and other awful ways Cambridge colleges have handled Covid discipline

Ranging from reflective essays to the removal of accommodation, disciplinary measures need to be standardised

Camfesses about mental health issues have tripled in the last year and we need to talk about it

We all love Camfess, but we also need to think about the way in which mental health is discussed on our feeds

What being away from Cambridge has taught me about friendship

Cambridge may be far away but at least my friends are close to my heart x

Cambridge’s reporting procedure for sexual harassment is broken, and here’s how we can fix it

The university must implement a centralised reporting procedure to better protect students