What is the Gender Expression Fund and why every college should have one

Clare, Girton, Robinson and Jesus are the first colleges to adopt the scheme

Improving access isn’t discrimination, it’s redressing a balance

A fairer distribution of opportunity should be the aim of any education system

Explanations or excuses? Working St John’s May Ball

Would you call a lack of a three-course meal exploitation? No, I wouldn’t either

John’s May Ball will work you to the ground and make you pay them for the privilege

Fancy minimum wage? Oh wait, proper payment isn’t even guaranteed…

University Bus Service currently failing disabled students at Girton and Homerton

Girton and Homerton are more inaccessible than we thought…

Student Activism is at the heart of Cambridge and it has the power to make real change

An end of term reflection on the student run campaigns happening in the University

Boris Johnson’s politicizing of last week’s terror attack demonstrates an inexcusable self-centeredness

The tragic cost of the attack must be recognised as fundamentally human

Why I would love more contact hours

Do not love paying nine grand a year for iDiscover access

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


If it wasn’t already clear, the recent Zero Carbon report shows that divestment from fossil fuels can’t come soon enough

It’s time for Cambridge to cut all ties with fossil fuel giants.

It’s not just about Eton – why our educational system needs reform

Why inequalities in our two-tiered educational system will always hold disadvantaged students back

Why Cambridge students shouldn’t lose sight of how lucky we are

We did that.

On the road to Mill Lane: Why I changed my mind about CUSU

One man’s reflection on how he went from a steadfast CUSU opponent to a sceptical supporter

Why we need to start taking CUCA seriously

Too far to the right.

Why I actually just despise Skins

A sad cool show about cool sad people

We are a generation of flakes and something needs to change

The endemic culture of bailing

US Climate Change Policy: The good, the bad and the ugly

Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the EPA, visited the Cambridge Union on Wednesday May 1st. Eoin McSweeney attended the discussion in the press room and the chamber