A Summer of Racism

The past few months have been… a lot

We need to stop accusing people of “reinventing themselves”

Why present a process of change to one of self-interested re-branding?

Reducing fees won’t solve the Union’s accessibility problem

The Cambridge Union’s reduced membership fee is a step in the right direction, but its accessibility problem lies deeper than this

Sexual assault survivors should be granted extenuating circumstances

The new guidelines are a step forward, but we need to go further

Do we all secretly wish we were at John’s?

Or would we rather be at Oxf*rd?

The weirdest things the DUP have done

Who are they and what do they have against line dancing?

Why you should vote Conservative

On behalf of the Cambridge University Conservative Association

Why you should vote Labour

On behalf of the Cambridge University Labour Club

Why you should vote Liberal Democrat

On behalf of the Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats

Your degree isn’t harder than mine

We need to stop comparing each other at Cambridge

Is Cambridge on a bank holiday weekend the worst thing in the world?

I’ve had enough of crashing my bike into tourists

Grudgebridge, can we stop moaning about Cambridge please?

It’s not helping anyone.

Talking about mental health isn’t always the answer

The commonplace advice is reductive and unhelpful

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Sorry fellow millennials, but Tinder is the absolute worst

Whether you use it for dating, a self-esteem boost, or a quick NSA shag, Tinder is just a bit shit

No offence, but political correctness has gone too far

I’m sick of tiptoeing around liberal snowflakes

Prelims are a complete and utter waste of time

Finalists look away now

I’m glad I’m not living in a student house next year

‘Isn’t it your turn to wash up?’

Cambridge students deserve more romance

So why has it died along with any hope of a First?

College-mandated ‘quiet periods’ are damaging student welfare

They’re patronising at best, detrimental to mental health at worst