Calling all Freshers: join The Tab!

AKA Cambridge’s MOST READ student paper

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The results day Instagrams are flowing, the Facebook updates are popping…but most importantly, The Tab's golden gates are OPENING.

Each year, we recruit a tasty batch of Fresher Columnists to write about their first term at Cambridge. From embracing your inner Bear Grylls in the jungle that is Fresher's Week, to learning the ropes of lecture etiquette, we want it all and more.

That's right, we're looking at YOU, you lucky thing.

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We mean serious business my friends.

Why should I write for The Tab?

Writing for Cambridge's most read student newspaper unveils countless opportunities:

• Having the platform to be read by thousands of fellow Cambridge students (hello fame, fortune and GLORY within a 5 mile radius).

• The chance to have your work cross-posted by The Tab National to our global site, which attracts 10 million readers worldwide.

• In the past, Cambridge Tab articles have been picked up by many national news outlets such as The Independent, BBC, The Times and The Daily Mail (hello fame, fortune and GLORY outside of a 5 mile radius).

• Connecting to a HUGE name. The Tab is the UK's second most popular 18-24 publication after Buzzfeed, and above VICE, Cosmo and Vox. Ex Tabbers have gone onto anything from Vogue to JP Morgan.

• Those beloved, shiny CV points and the ability to climb the ranks to editorial and senior positions.

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Just recently, a Tab writer made an exclusive personal appearance at none other than Cindies. Look how many people showed up to get a picture with them. This really could be you.

Most importantly, joining The Tab mafia is fun, rewarding and the best way to connect with like-minded, Really Quite Cool friends. Plus, you'll get access to all the hottest, scandalous gossip Cambridge has to offer.

As much as we'd like to take ourselves seriously, we can't, which often lends itself to witty and intriguing #content such as What your College says about your vagina, I tried dropping MDMA with soft cheese before a big night out and Which Blue Planet II fish is your College?

We hold regular socials and weekly meetings at our HQ (the pub). As a bonus, you'll also get FREE STASH: whether it's Tab tees or Tab condoms that take your fancy (wink wink nudge nudge), we've truly got it all.

The condom is in the mug.

How do I apply?

1. Email Hollie and Rachael at: [email protected] with the subject 'Fresher Columnist Application'.

2. In this email, tell us your name, subject, College and mobile number.

3. Give us a brief outline of why you want the role. What would you like to write about, and do you have a certain type of style?

4. If you have a sample piece of writing that you believe is suitable for applying to The Tab, then attach it. Don’t worry if you don't; it's not a requirement.

5. Close your eyes, ping it off into cyberspace and into our loving arms.

Applications close on the 19th September.

Hungry for more info, unsure if The Tab is for you, or would like further insight into life on the team? Drop your friendly neighbourhood Editors an email at [email protected] – promise we don't bite.