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Running around Cambridge

In a sporty way not a panic way

How to prepare for mediocrity

So you think you’re the shit

Why Lent Term is the worst

Spoiler: it was reLENTless

May-Ballers of the Week

No one is safe

Students descend on Sidney gardens for decadence and excess

Much alcohol, very May Week.

In defence of post-prelim blues

We’ve all heard the chorus of “This term is super fun for English and History students! They get eight weeks of lounging in the grass before May Week while everyone else slaves in the library.”

May Week Calendar 2016: What, When, Where

Get your diaries out – here’s our guide to everything happening in May Week, with The Tab’s 2015 Definitive Ball Rankings also thrown in

Tab Live Blogs: RAG Blind Date

Welcome to The Tab’s Live Blog on RAG Blind Date, whether you’ve got major FOMO or want to embarrass your friends here is your port of call.

Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show 2016: The Review

Unlimited alcohol, live entertainment, and haute couture: CUCFS promised us all a night to remember, and it didn’t fail to deliver.

Bizarre stories about Cambridge supervisors

This is what we pay £9000 for

Dry January? Amateurs, try dry life.

I’d love to tell you I’m not smug, but I just am.

Review: Arcsoc’s “Paradise Garage” Night of Disco

Arcsoc’s Night of Disco was just another average Cambridge night out despite the hype.

Queens’ JCR President announces Bops return with a YouTube Christmas poem

College authorities succumb to the people’s demand for glorified, semi-ironic organised fun

Senior Tutors are cancelling Bops because they hate us

JONNY OLDFIELD argues that the sacred bop is under threat

You don’t actually enjoy May Week as much as you think you do

May Week is the headline act of the Cambridge dream, and many of us fork out the price of a hip operation to join in.

REVIEW: Jesus May Ball

As big balls go, Jesus lacks the panache of John’s or Trinity – it’s basically just quite big

How to end term with a bang


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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

OLIVIA BELL and JESSICA ROSE were left elated and amused by this un-bee-lievable late show that, with some polishing, could be spell-binding