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Alice Ding
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REVIEW: Jesus May Ball

Aurora certainly lit up the night

REVIEW: Robinson May Ball

Nothing suspicious about this really

Outrage over speaker’s remarks at CUCA termly dinner

Journalist James Delingpole joked about Jimmy Saville and was dismissive about sex with underage girls

Students forced to leave Greenwich House after bailiffs called to evict them

A few students were carried out by bailiffs, but most chose to walk out

Cambridge sees 70% increase in study drug usage within a decade

Results from the study drugs survey see an increasing trend in students taking them

Fake posts exposed on Grudgebridge

Posts cannot be verified for falsities and depends on honesty of the sender

John’s has lowest state school intake – less than half

Living up to the signet ring sterotype

Take The Tab’s STUDY DRUG survey

Investigative journalism from The Tab strikes again

Hughes Hall warns students about using pregnancy apps

Two students at other colleges became pregnant after using the apps

The Tab Guide: what is C-Sunday?

Sun, fun, and try not to chun

CUSU REJECTS strike action refund

Students could have been compensated hundreds of pounds each by the University

University Challenge Final Liveblog

Cambridge pins hopes on John’s in Oxbridge final

DIVESTMENT: What’s going on and do students actually care?

Divestment protests are happening today as University Council considers final report

Meet The Tab’s Easter 2018 Team

Welcome to the Tab brigade

NEW TAB POSITION: Marketing Director

The Tab is expanding its ranks


That’s so fetch?

Stephen Toope to mark all exam papers

Strike action around exams causes Vice-Chancellor to pick up slack

Have the student left become more unsettling than the right?

Despite the prevalence of student activism lately, most students are still disengaged

LIVE BLOG: The 2018 Cambridge x Oxford Boat Races

Here to provide all the insights, updates, drama and gossip of this momentous day

Varsity face backlash over CUSU election results coverage

Public condemnation over Varsity’s alleged bias

Tab Section Editor Applications OPEN NOW

Who wouldn’t want to be part of Cambridge’s most read journalism team?

Tory grandee says Corbyn will be next Prime Minister

Andrew Mitchell opens up to Cambridge students – including about ‘plebgate’

The Tab’s 2017 NEWS ROUND-UP

And what a year for news it really has been

CLASS LISTS: New easy opt-out system approved

University Council passes approval for easy opt-out system

It’s okay to be a “corporate sell-out”

From someone that’s doing it right now

Why which college you go to matters

It has a huge influence

Freshers’ Week is overrated

Don’t feel too pressured to make the first week your best week

How to make the most of May Balls

Get ready for absolute MAYhem

Escape the Cambridge bubble

10 places for under £20 from Cambridge

Which political slogan is your college?

We can’t all be ‘strong and stable’

Where’s your college marriage at now?

Roses are red, violets are blue, got to get married soon, I guess you’ll do

How to revise (or not)

Tab Tries actually doing some work?

Cambridge – Is it all worth it?

The question we all come to ask ourselves

What to do if you think you’re failing your degree

Real or imagined- this fear strikes us all

So just how busy are we really?

Eat, sleep, procrastinate, repeat…

In defence of Cambridge sarcasm

Because a prickly exterior can hide a thousand insecurities

Why I write for The Tab

Reasons to join the Tab crusade

Arts vs Sciences: Which is the easiest?

Time to settle the question once and for all

How To Hack Everything

How to lose friends and win committee positions

A Cambridge-shaped hole in my heart?

Reflections of a Fresher’s Michaelmas

The Pains of Being a (Cambridge) Wallflower

Who needs social skills anyway?