George Nairac

George Nairac
Cambridge University


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REVIEW: Clare May Ball

A ball promising to explore the heavens doesn’t get off the ground.

BREAKING: Outrageous burglary of Catz bar

All thanks to one student’s good manners

RAG homelessness appeal receives overwhelming support

The appeal has raised £3,725 at the time of writing.

Boxing: Gown trounces Town in warm-up for Varsity

The safest way to enjoy a Saturday night fight.

Cambridge remembers Giulio Regeni, two years after his disappearance

On this day in 2016, a Cambridge PhD student went missing in Egypt before being found dead. Two years on, the truth has yet to emerge.

BREAKING: James Blunt to SING at Cambridge Union

Who needs a Crushbridge when you can have this guy serenading you?

Toby Young resigns from Office for Students

He once wrote in support of ‘positive Eugenics’

Cambridge only FOURTH in T.H.E. UK University Rankings

Surely not…?


Who doesn’t love a good quiz, eh?

What’s gone wrong with Grudgebridge?

The popular Facebook page isn’t a platform for hate speech. It is hate speech.

Protest outside Trinity for return of Australian Spears

It comes amidst cries to decolonise Cambridge

Can everyone stop saying “It’s okay to be mediocre”?

Just because there are some superhumans at Cambridge doesn’t mean the rest of us are talentless.

Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

If we aren’t careful, the Cambridge lifestyle can easily bully meaningful social contact out of the picture.

Why the government’s legislation on no-platforming is both impractical and concerning

In their attack on safe spaces, the Tory government have managed to combine freedom of speech with authoritarianism

Why are Cambridge students so obsessed with League Tables?

Our obsession with league tables is unproductive and reveals insecurities.

A guide to the underrated and undiscovered of Cambridge

Much like green VKs, a lot of Cambridge goes untouched by students. However, unlike green VKs, there is no reason for this.

Why Cambridge needs a proper Freshers’ Week 

No like, a proper one

We need to stop accusing people of “reinventing themselves”

Why present a process of change to one of self-interested re-branding?

Reducing fees won’t solve the Union’s accessibility problem

The Cambridge Union’s reduced membership fee is a step in the right direction, but its accessibility problem lies deeper than this

Talking about mental health isn’t always the answer

The commonplace advice is reductive and unhelpful

MICHAEL HOWARD: “If you’re really politically ambitious, you’d probably go to Oxf*rd.”

Former Conservative leader and Union President Michael Howard talks Peterhouse, Politics, and THAT Paxman interview