Ellie House
Deputy Editor of The Tab Cambridge

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Cambridge students’ liberal stereotype lives on

The rise of the far-right in Cambridge

The Tab investigates this swell of hatred, and how it is being combatted

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How very Old Testament-y

Going the distance…

Long-distance relationships in Cambridge

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In defence of escaping

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Answer these questions and uncover your true self…

‘Scouting for Girls’ RETURNS to Cambridge

For second May Week in a row!

Anger over exam error

A part IB Physics paper had “typos” in “all scripts”

Academic sues the University of Cambridge

Economist claims asbestos-lined corridor has given him terminal lung-cancer

Divestment indecision

After the long wait…the University Council is undecided

Students rally outside Senate House in last push for divestment

Meanwhile, one man makes a fiery stand against divestment…

BREAKING: Grudgebridge declares war on drinking societies

Grudgebridge calls for information to expose and condemn Cambridge drinking societies

Cindies to be ‘relocated’

The end of the Circle of Life?

Refusing to be invisible

Ribbons tied outside Senate House ahead of the discussion about reforming the sexual assault disciplinary procedure

BREAKING: Pensions dispute settled

Despite opposition from the Cambridge UCU branch

UPDATE: Footlights resignation drama

The Committee does not acknowledge Ruby Keane’s resignation ‘as one of protest’