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LIVE: The 2019 Boat Race

Settle in for a full report of all the Varsity results, gossip, and drama

Lucy Cavendish announces plans to admit men

It is also changing its admissions criteria to the standard age

Here are the 10 BIGGEST names on campus

The definitive 2019 BNOC list is here

Top 100 BNOCs revealed

Vote now to choose Cambridge’s top 10 BNOCs

A new landmark in the Cambridge Union’s history

The committee in Easter term will be historic

A darts don and a rugby icon – two Cantabs in the running for Captain of the Year

The Tab met with Greg Garnett and Kate Marks to talk all things sport

Zero Carbon campaigners blockade the BP Institute

In protest against recent divestment scandals

BNOC 2019 nominations are officially open

This is not a drill.

Only seven out of 31 colleges pay all their workers the Living Wage

Student campaigners have published a new ‘league table’ revealing which Colleges pay workers the Real Living Wage

Cambridge student held without charge in a South Sudan prison

Peter Biar Ajak’s ‘crime’: peaceful activism

The website tackling Cambridge’s access problem

We sat down with the men behind InsideUni, the new student-led access initiative

News Column Week 8: Diversity, divestment, and doldrums

Michaelmas? Completed it m8

BREAKING: Urban Shed Dead?

Or just reincarnated?

Tab News Column Week 7: Fake news, faculty faux pas, and phenomenal food


The Tab News Column Week 6: Progressive pronouns, pies, and pints

Cambridge students’ liberal stereotype lives on

The rise of the far-right in Cambridge

The Tab investigates this swell of hatred, and how it is being combatted

The Tab News Column Week 5: F*** tha Police

Juxta-posed with wholesome welfare

The Tab News Column Week 4: Everything’s a bit rubbish


The Tab News Column Week 3: Home Improvements and a Soapy Surprise

Cambridge is basically DIY SOS rn

Tab News Column Week 2: Marijuana and ducks

A match made in heaven

NEWS COLUMN, FRESHERS’ WEEK: Floods, bugs, and the patriarchy

How very Old Testament-y

Going the distance…

Long-distance relationships in Cambridge

Bursting the bubble

In defence of escaping

QUIZ: Which Cambridge night out are you?

Answer these questions and uncover your true self…

‘Scouting for Girls’ RETURNS to Cambridge

For second May Week in a row!

Anger over exam error

A part IB Physics paper had “typos” in “all scripts”

Cambridge ranked 4th best University in the world

Overtaking ‘the other place’ to become the highest-ranking UK University on the list

Academic sues the University of Cambridge

Economist claims asbestos-lined corridor has given him terminal lung-cancer

Divestment indecision

After the long wait…the University Council is undecided

Students rally outside Senate House in last push for divestment

Meanwhile, one man makes a fiery stand against divestment…

BREAKING: Grudgebridge declares war on drinking societies

Grudgebridge calls for information to expose and condemn Cambridge drinking societies

Cindies to be ‘relocated’

The end of the Circle of Life?

Refusing to be invisible

Ribbons tied outside Senate House ahead of the discussion about reforming the sexual assault disciplinary procedure

BREAKING: Pensions dispute settled

Despite opposition from the Cambridge UCU branch

UPDATE: Footlights resignation drama

The Committee does not acknowledge Ruby Keane’s resignation ‘as one of protest’

The Tab tries: Women’s Rugby

2, 4, 6, 8. Gals are gonna dominate.

BREAKING: Cambridge UCU votes to reject strike settlement

The vote was nearly unanimous

Catz declares that it does NOT support pension cuts in statement

St Catharine’s College has released a statement to “clarify” its position on the strikes.

Clubbers of the Week – Week 7!!!

Lectures may be off but the sesh don’t stop

CUSU and CDE called out by open letter.

The Facebook post received over 100 reacts…

An open letter to Valentine’s Day

Y r u like this?

Cantabulous Quintet: Haze

“It’s pronounced Stoosy”

Cambridge embraces the rainbow – breaking a flagpole in the process

Even more Cambridge institutions fly the flag for LGBT+ History month!

Confessions of the WannaBNOC

The innermost thoughts of the big fish in your pond

Clubbers of the Week: Week One

One tag equals one shame.

D. Trump goes to Cambridge?

The man himself has been found in Clare

The top 7 ‘classiest’ things to do in a gown.

Post-formal antics have never been more ‘beaut’

An open letter to the noisy couple next-door

Nobody needs to hear that

The Tab sees: Hamilton in the West End

Only one day after opening night!

These are the five types of people you’ll find when it snows

Which one are you?

Reviewing Crushbridge Poems

And how to write a good one

Same-sex college marriage is not a last resort

Need I say it’s 2017, people…

How to become a BCOC: Big College on Campus

Move over BNOC, there’s a new acronym in town…

No Bra Day: Yay or Nay?

24 hours of national bralessness. Let us rejoice.

Stop hating on Freshers’ Week

Real-life Cambridge first-year gives a *gasp* POSITIVE review of Freshers’ week!