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Accommodation woes

New year and new term, but that doesn't mean accommodation is any better. Robinson launched a 'Cut the Rent' petition (following the steps of Murray Edwards) and it's gaining traction fast. Magdalene submitted it's petition; could cheaper rents finally be on the horizon?

Speaking of Medwards, some students were greeted to freezing rooms at the start of term. Though they asked for heating, the issue was not resolved for everyone immediately.

The hill colleges aren't doing great for accommodation with Fitz rooms being found to have gross black stains- not something you want to see!

Jesus and Queens haven't had the best time either with the latest storm causing quite a bit of havoc. Trees were literally toppled. How do such strong storms have such inane names?

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Dome is a very cold home

The just plain gross

Speaking of gross things, Homerton students have been doing some pretty questionable bets. One student bet another one £30 to lick a urinal in Fez. The poor sod did it and then didn't get the money. We at The Tab say pay up- the person earned their money through the total loss of their dignity.

This writer can't imagine the Fez urinals looking this clean

The academic lowdown

In a nice contrast from last terms Queens DoS's email scandal, we're starting this term of with a wholesome email. The Gonville and Caius Master sent out an email with tips on how to do well but still keep a social life, reminding students about self-care.

But it's Cambridge, so it can't all be good. The Murray Edwards History DoS seemed to be lovely by giving out optional mocks. However, if you were an unlucky student who decided not to take the mock- the follow up talk the DoS gave would make you regret your life decisions.

Finally students got a nice email

Drinking Societies

On the other end of the scale to academics- lets check in on what drinking societies have been up to. The Jesus Caesareans got a bit too drunk this week and ended up smashing a kitchen ceiling. Gotta love drinking societies.

On a more pleasant note, Cambridge for Consent have launched a campaign calling all drinking societies to show their commitment to consent. They are asking every society to take a photo holding a sign saying the society 'pledges zero tolerance on sexual misconduct.' Evie, a representative of the campaign, told The Tab that 'several societies have already informally agreed to do it' and they hope that they 'will have several societies doing their pledges by the end of the weekend.' If you're part of a drinking society, step up and make the pledge.