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How much alcohol is too much alcohol?

Chill. Out.

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Drinking Societies are a poor excuse for shit chat

Sorry not sorry

Cambridge Clubbing: The least fun you’ll ever have

Why am I crying in the club right now?

All the things overseas students find weird about Cambridge freshers

A Scandi analyses British freshers’ week

The Best Pubs in Cambridge

Our pub connoisseur tries every overpriced pint in Cambridge so you don’t have to

Why Cambridge needs a proper Freshers’ Week 

No like, a proper one

Cambridge students launch app to organise swaps

Swap Trumps is like Tinder for your squad

How to make the most of May Balls

Get ready for absolute MAYhem

College-mandated ‘quiet periods’ are damaging student welfare

They’re patronising at best, detrimental to mental health at worst

News Column: Girton gets a pounding and Jesus turns water into wine

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

The Tab’s Guide of Do’s and Don’ts for Caesarian Sunday

Sunday is supposed to be Fun-day, don’t make it Chun-day

Oktoberfest in March

A night of Lager, lederhosen, and lots of fun.

Clubbers of the Week 3

Third time unlucky.

Cambridge University alcohol survey results REVEALED

Spoilers: we’re not as lit as we think we are

Looking after drunk students is shit – but that is not an excuse

Drunk people are fundamentally irritating

A totally respectable guide to healthy drinking

If you’re gunna do it, do it right

Students descend on Sidney gardens for decadence and excess

Much alcohol, very May Week.

REVEALED: Cambridge’s top ten most notorious drinking societies

The results are in.

An American’s guide to strengthening the UK’s “Special Relationship” with the US

An American postgrad shares some tips on how to make friends and strengthen US-UK ties while visiting or studying in Cambridge.

TAB TRIES: Exam term clubbing

It is ten times more depressing than you think it would be.