The Tab Eats: Tom’s Cakes

Have your cake and eat it too (in a covid-safe way)!

A fresher’s guide to every single thing you’ll make in your gyp this year

Everything you will *actually* make this term

Recreate your favourite Studio Ghibli foods at home!

More quarantine cooking content? We love to see it

We miss Jack’s Gelato so much that we created a home-made version and here’s how you do it

A.K.A our attempt to manifest Summer Term in our kitchen

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Adventures in Aldi-land

Emancipation, disappointment, and the meaning of life

Dinner For One

When you have no one to come home to but you

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Why everyone hates vegans

“End vegetable cruelty”

REVIEW: Magdalene May Ball

I went to Magdalene expecting little. It turned out to be the best ball I’d ever been to.

How to make the most of May Balls

Get ready for absolute MAYhem

Take care of yourself during exams

Legit tips to get you through

The Drury Diaries: To gag or not to gag

This column hasn’t been gagged yet

Cambridge has a big-time food problem

And it’s hitting vulnerable students hardest

Meet the Lifestyle Columnists

Food, sex and fashion. What more is there to life?

Pembroke students have beef with catering over constant ‘cultural misrepresentation’

The staff were “upset” they had offended students

A Northerner’s Guide to Cambridge

A belta guide for you and your marras

Everything wrong with Cambridge Gyp Rooms

GBBO? More like GTFO.

The Best Budget Gifts for Bridgemas

It’s not about the money, money, money (or thoughtfulness)

How to smash the week five blues

Show sadness who’s boss

WEEK FOUR NEWS ROUNDUP: Cats, Candlelit Vigils, and Caius Piercings

Well, we can’t deny it anymore: we are halfway through term, and still, no one knows what’s going on.

Custard Apples and Spherical Gluten: Exploring Mill Road

PART 1 of The Tab’s Alt-Guide to Cambridge (for those who are too eDgY for Stickybeaks)