Enter now: Tab Elf on the Shelf competition 2021!

Time to bring your best puns to ALL Cambridge locations

Your College Aunts: Back and Better Than Ever

An Easter Term of content you didn’t even know you wanted

Six ways to recreate the Varsity Boat Race at home

Not able to be at the riverside? No worries, here’s how to recreate that Boat Race atmosphere in lockdown.

Meet Alayo Akinkugbe, the Cambridge student spotlighting Black artists on Instagram

‘These are Black artists. No one’s talking about them, so I’m going to talk about them.’

Competition: Get your Cambridge-themed cocktail featured in the virtual May Week Mega Event!

There’s a party and you’re all invited

13 games to help Cambridge students survive Easter term in lockdown

Why do your degree when you can do absolutely anything else instead?

We miss Jack’s Gelato so much that we created a home-made version and here’s how you do it

A.K.A our attempt to manifest Summer Term in our kitchen

How to recreate Cambridge formals in your own home

Get tipsy with your parents

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The end of Week 5 Blues: Students campaign for a reading week

Karris McGonigle, Natsci at Jesus College, is campaigning for the University to introduce a reading week.

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Best late night food places in Cambridge

Grub’s up

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Faces of Cambridge: Giving the homeless a voice – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

We are looking for creative submissions for our upcoming art exhibition!

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Plate stockpiling at Peterhouse, George from Love Island in Spoons and dirty engineers exposed!

News Column Week 3

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Cambridge colleges warn of ‘suspicious male’ harassing female students

The man was reportedly ‘naked from the waist down’

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Prince Charles asks Cambridge engineers to ‘act quickly’ to save the planet

The Prince of Wales addressed the engineers on his trip to the Whittle Laboratory yesterday

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Dr Asiya Islam hands in open letter signed by 2,000 academics to Home Office

She asks that the Home Office’s decision to deny her indefinite leave to remain in the UK be reversed

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News Week Six: Exam Paper Errors, Geese Lasering and Weird Welfare

Exams are coming to a close, but the DRAMA is not

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Cambridge University spends more on academic prizes than its counselling service

A bit worrying

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Girton Fellow in Medicine and Paediatrics Senior Lecturer dies

Dr Carlo Acerini’s work included management of Type 1 diabetes in childhood

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Snakes, Deer and Rats spotted in Cambridge

Animals are SNAKING over the University.

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Honesty is the best policy

Being real and kind about work