Poppy Robinson

Stormzy and HSBC pledge to fund 30 new scholarships for students at University of Cambridge

30 students of Black or mixed race heritage will each be awarded a £20,000 scholarship over the next three years

Cambridge students react to the possibility of tuition fee cuts and caps on student numbers

The government is also discussing the possibility of different fees for different courses, and minimum qualifications for enrolment

How much money has your college contributed to the University Counselling Service 2019-2021?

Bringing you part two of our investigation into mental-health expenditure by colleges

Ranked: How much has your college spent on in-college mental health services 2019-2021?

We asked the colleges how much they had spent on mental health services (e.g. college counselling, mental health talks) between 2019 and 2021

Cambridge University planning to have students back on campus for Michaelmas Term 2021

Graham Virgo confirmed in an email to students that whilst small-group teaching will be in person, it is unclear whether in-person lectures will occur

‘Complete diversity in humans’: We spoke to ‘Humans of Cambridge’ photographer Mark Box

‘I see beauty in people, I see beauty in photography, I see it everywhere and I just want to capture it’

Rugby Blues round-up: meet the players planning on beating O*ford

Women’s, men’s, League and Union Rugby- we’ve got you covered

Interview: Yewande Biala, Amy Hart, and Rosie Williams

We spoke to the ex-Love Islanders after their Union talk about racial diversity and empowering professional women on Love Island

Max Fosh: TikTok, Cuthbert the Caterpillar, and a boxing match between the Oxbridge Unions?

Instead of talking to drunk students at 2 am outside Lola Lo’s, Max Fosh caught up with our sober Tab Editor after his talk at the Union. 

Gardies: ‘A life story’ 

The Tab spoke to Gardies owner Vas about Stephen Fry, a secret society, drunk students and the best item to order from the menu. 

University of Cambridge announces new reporting system for all students and staff

The system allows all University students and staff to report any inappropriate behaviour anonymously or formally

Varsity Ski-Trip announce their return in December 2021

The trip will run from the 3-11th December this year

Third time lucky? A Cambridge Student guide to self-isolation after lockdown three

Finger’s crossed that you don’t have to use it!

Megan Barton Hanson: A bisexual Love Island, OnlyFans, and empowering yourself

Following her talk at the Cambridge Union, The Tab had an exclusive conversation with Megan

Meet Eva Carroll, the Cambridge student working with Our Streets Now to end Public Sexual Harassment

‘I’m just stopped, stopped in my tracks by a horrible comment, it weighs on my mind and I can’t concentrate properly’

International Women’s Day: 41 Cambridge societies empowering women in 2021

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Review: Queen’s Art Festival

An art experience controlled by the curators and artists

Sulaiman Iqbal: Team UPside and achieving real diversity within the university space

‘We shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to create positive social change’

Trip to the Gyp: Eight pancake combinations that’ll start a Camfess war

What kind of world are we living in where Marmite and tuna go well together in a pancake?

Nine ways to style your Cambridge puffer jacket this term

Featuring both pre- and post-pandemic outfits to help you live out your Cambridge dreams

‘We wear pink every day’: Meet the Presidents of Cambridge Pink Week 2021

‘Get your families and friends involved, regardless of whether they go to Cambridge or not’

Freedom feeling: We asked Cambridge students about how they celebrated the end of self-isolation

If you didn’t go to Castle Mound, Grantchester or Cindies straight after leaving isolation, honestly wyd?

Meet Alayo Akinkugbe, the Cambridge student spotlighting Black artists on Instagram

‘These are Black artists. No one’s talking about them, so I’m going to talk about them.’