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Faces of Cambridge: Giving the homeless a voice – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

We are looking for creative submissions for our upcoming art exhibition!

Cambridge Homelessness

Faces of Cambridge is a project which seeks to break the bubble of ignorance surrounding homelessness and encourage people to reconsider how they think about and behave towards Cambridge’s homeless community. Central to the project has been getting to know the stories of individual members of the homeless community, resulting in a series of articles about the lives and thoughts of homeless people in Cambridge.

This May Week, we are collaborating with the American artist Willie Baronet and Cambridge-based curator and art historian Cinthia Willaman to create an exhibition which continues the conversation on re-humanising the homeless. Art work created by members of the homeless community will be exhibited, and we are calling for submissions from the student community which show their creative response to the theme of responding to and amplifying the voices of the homeless. This may include:

– Art work (in any medium)

– Sculpture

– Written Poetry/Prose

– A potential drama opportunity! (see below for more details)

An important part of Faces of Cambridge has been the ambition to forge connections between the student and homeless communities, and this exhibition seeks to be a part of the new friendships and understandings we can create when we engage with the world around us.

If you are interested in submitting, please email an image of your work to [email protected] explaining the vision behind your creative piece. Please also include the dimensions of your work, if relevant.

If you would like to get involved acting in a play about homelessness, please email Shannon Rawlins at [email protected] for more information.

Get creating! Deadline for submissions is 30-04-2020.