Shannon Rawlins

Shannon Rawlins
Cambridge University


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Faces of Cambridge: Meet the Co-production Group, supporting the most vulnerable in the community

The Tab talks to Tom Tallon and Anne Taylor, founders of ‘the Co-production Group’, about the impact their project has on homelessness in Cambridge

Why I’ve decided to escape the Cambridge bubble in my final year and live outside college

I’m sick of being babied

A guide to surviving romantic relationships in the age of coronavirus

Coping with distance, uncertainty and sex deprivation

Oxford tells students to go home while at Cambridge, Girton Spring Ball is still going ahead

There are due to be 1,400 attendees

Gossip Column: Coronavirus cancellations, Catz makeover and TLC at Johns

Week 8 News Column

Faces of Cambridge: Giving the homeless a voice – a series

Part 5: “He was dead from the cold. And this is what they’re doing” – how insensitive Council policies affect rough sleepers

Beef and lamb back at Downing, Magdalene bops cancelled and Clare buttery to be in a tent

News Column Week 7

Why CUSU needs to undergo democratic reform and shed its ideological bias

“I have been called a ‘Tory’ and accused of peddling ‘right-wing dogwhistles’” – The Tab speaks to Peter McLaughlin

‘Gap Bah’ theme for Emma bop deemed racist and insensitive

The event description said ‘grab your elephant trousers and neon face paint’

Downing tree funeral, applications open for RAG’s naked calendar, and puffer epidemic

News Column Week 5

Why there’s no need to feel pressure to go to a May Ball

There’s more than one way to enjoy May Week

Two further incidents of discrimination towards East Asian Downing members

An email was sent out by the Master yesterday

Extinction Rebellion protestors launch a roadblock on Sidgwick avenue

The saga continues

Scam emails return, King’s Bar closed because of asbestos and Emma master’s cat spotted in Savers…

Week 4 News Column – it’s been a crazy one!

Extinction Rebellion activists dig up Trinity College lawn

‘If they love digging so much, we thought we’d dig up their front lawn for them’

Faces of Cambridge: Giving the homeless a voice – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

We are looking for creative submissions for our upcoming art exhibition!

Review: ‘What’s wrong with me?’

Hit and miss overall, but where it does hit the spot, both hilarious and meaningful

Plate stockpiling at Peterhouse, George from Love Island in Spoons and dirty engineers exposed!

News Column Week 3

Cambridge RAG’s jailbreak 2020 – LIVEBLOG!

Keep track of the teams’ progress as they try to get as far away from Cam as possible

Define ‘Cambridge University’: The very best of Urban Dictionary

#idiot #moron #wanker #virgin #poncey bastard #cleverdom

Churchill scolds students for vomiting, David Lammy spotted in MML lib and Tit Hall success on Crushbridge

It’s been a week

Week One news column: Stolen cutlery at Magdalene, ‘misogynistic’ stash at Kings and MEN spotted at Lucy Cav

News Column Week 1

Faces of Cambridge: Giving the homeless a voice – JOIN OUR COMMITTEE!

We’re looking to expand the project this term and we need you

‘Prosecution by the ecocidal state’: Cambridge professor charged for his participation in April’s Extinction Rebellion protests

Gonville and Caius fellow Dr Jason Scott-Warren was fined £800

We thrashed O*ford in both Varsity rugby matches

Woop woop

Prince Andrew resigns from fellowship at Hughes Hall over sexual misconduct scandal

His resignation followed pressure from the student body

Why I would love more contact hours

Do not love paying nine grand a year for iDiscover access

Mindfulness is the key to success, productivity and sound mental health

Why everyone should try their hand at meditation

Peter Hutchinson, subject of 10 sexual harassment complaints, resigns from Trinity Hall

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Heathrow apologises to Professor Mary Beard for security strip search

The Cambridge classicist was made to strip down to her ‘scrappy undies’

BP Institute blockaded following revelations of insidious links between Cambridge University and the fossil fuel industry

Shocking new report by Zero Carbon Society released on Monday

Full of fluff and soundbites: Interview with Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice at the Union

I wanted more meat

Trinity Hall sexual harassment scandal opens up discussion about policy reform

Controversial readmission of Dr Hutchinson stokes debate

The self-destructive toxicity of FOMO leads us to neglect ourselves

Don’t forget to take time for yourself

Cambridge isn’t as rich as you think

Reflections on working for the Telephone Campaign

Cambridge’s Food-Related Carbon Emissions Cut by a Third

Beef and lamb were removed from menus three years ago

A chance to observe: my experience working at May Balls

A whole lot of people-watching

We are a generation of flakes and something needs to change

The endemic culture of bailing

How to nab your May Week dress for as little as SIX POUNDS

Charity shops are the way to go

Backlash against Cambridge’s refusal to bar anti-feminist group ‘Justice for Men and Boys’

Open letter calls for the event to be scrapped

Review: Magnum

Reassuringly relatable, awkwardly honest and wonderfully provocative.

In defence of the 26 pairs of shoes that I bring to uni

I NEED all of them

Class list opt-out opens TODAY

Opt out if you don’t want your results made public

How to actually get some work done over the Easter break

Not that I’m one to talk lol

A handy guide to blagging your way through a one-on-one supervision

Oh, the art of bullshitting

People watching in the library

AKA every type of person you’ll see in there

Your ultimate guide to charity-shopping in Cambridge

Looking beyond the baggy cardigans