Shannon Rawlins

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Good riddance to bad rubbish

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BP Institute blockaded following revelations of insidious links between Cambridge University and the fossil fuel industry

Shocking new report by Zero Carbon Society released on Monday

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A whole lot of people-watching

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The endemic culture of bailing

How to nab your May Week dress for as little as SIX POUNDS

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Backlash against Cambridge’s refusal to bar anti-feminist group ‘Justice for Men and Boys’

Open letter calls for the event to be scrapped

Review: Magnum

Reassuringly relatable, awkwardly honest and wonderfully provocative.

In defence of the 26 pairs of shoes that I bring to uni

I NEED all of them

Class list opt-out opens TODAY

Opt out if you don’t want your results made public

How to actually get some work done over the Easter break

Not that I’m one to talk lol

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People watching in the library

AKA every type of person you’ll see in there