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News Week Six: Exam Paper Errors, Geese Lasering and Weird Welfare

Exams are coming to a close, but the DRAMA is not

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Exams mess ups…

History students were given the wrong question in their exam this year, and were only told about the mess up 10 minutes into the exam. A question on Nationalism (on the previous year's paper) was replaced by a question on Empire on the actual paper, then changed back to a question on Nationalism DURING the exam.

Though students were given an extra 10 minutes to compensate for the confusion, students have complained that the incident was unfair for those who had already started answering the 'wrong' question on the paper.

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The facial expression of all history students in the exam room. (source x, license y)

There was also an error made in a French literature exam, and ‘fait’ was printed instead of ‘faut’ in an unseen poem. This apparently completely changed the meaning of the poem. Uh oh. C'est rather crap.

The first year international law paper also made a mistake, and invigilators had to stop the exam half way through to inform students. The mistake (two names being printed the wrong way round- which would completely change the answer you'd write) was actually spotted by a student, who then told the invigilators about it.

Weird welfare at Queens’

To help everyone survive the week 5 blues (and exam HELL), Queens brought in a welfare tortoise. A welfare tortoise made from cardboard, that is. Because a cardboard tortoise makes it all ok.

AMAZING welfare at Homerton

Homerton had a ‘Sunday Funday’ event where LAZER TAG was on the itinerary of events. Jealous is an understatement…

Education library cake

Every Wednesday the Education library gives out cake (!!!) to people studying at 2pm. What the department lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in wholesomeness.

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Cheeky little scran in the library…

Gonville and Caius food TRAUMA

In Caius’ hall, a student was horrified to realise that they were served RAW chicken and fish. Not ideal. They have since complained to catering staff, and were reportedly issued a reimbursement for two hall tickets.

Geese Lasering at Emma

Emma have installed a laser to scare geese away geese and basically make sure that they don't crap all over college. Nice.

After a hideous term of stress, pressure and woe, exams are finally drawing to a close(!!!!!) Massive well done to those who have finished your, and for those still going- power through <3

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