74% of surveyed students don’t have adequate WiFi: An interview with The 93% Club Cambridge

‘We really need to get this message across to the people that are controlling our futures’

We spoke to MML students about their Year Abroad experiences under the pandemic and Brexit

How have students planning their year abroads been managing after the chaos of the last year?

Interview: The Cambridge students behind the 73-73 Challenge for University Mental Health Awareness Day

They hope to help those struggling recognise: ´That they are very much the majority, not the exception´

Creative Spotlight: Sophie Beckingham on creative expression and identity

‘I can’t escape being that ridiculous art kid that’s walking down King’s Parade with green hair’

EXCLUSIVE: Graham Virgo weighs in on The Tab’s Top 10 BNOCs list 2021

We also got his reaction to the news that Toope was nominated and he wasn’t

Interview: Graham Virgo on rent and residency requirements, exams, graduation and May Week

All I wanna know is if I’m going to be graduating in a gazebo

Meet the students running for the Cambridge Student Union this year

Do they pass the vibe check though?

Interview: ‘A Blown Job’ on making musicals in lockdown

There are no hugs, but they do have a cat

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