Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch: Poetry, Publishing, and Advice for Aspiring Writers

Cambridge alumna and celebrated poet Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch talks to us about her career, and passes on what she has learnt to other aspiring poets

My Truth: rap, representation and diversity in Cambridge Theatre

How far is representation in Cambridge Theatre true to life?

The Big Squat!

Join CUID and put your glutes to the test – charitably!

Professor Brian Cox: The universe, conspiracy theories, and music

The Tab sat down with Professor Brian Cox to discuss the universe, the music industry, and making science accessible.

The Buttery: Christ’s College’s Open Letter

The series of events that prompted an Open Letter with 100+ signatories advocating for a less hotel-like college experience.

Mark Simmons: Escapism, Pressure, and Life Advice

The Tab sat down with comedian Mark Simmons to discuss his upcoming tour, social media and lockdown, escapism, and career advice!

The Tab sits down with Cambridge’s Taylor Swift Society on the Midnights album

Favourite tracks, vinyl cover captions, recommendations, personal confessions, and more!

A Day in ADC Mainshow Rehearsal: Chess

The Tab spent a day with the cast and crew for upcoming musical ‘Chess’

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The Vamps: Songwriting, Spiders and Shots

The Tab sat down with Brad and James from the Vamps to talk about everything from their upcoming tour to their worst fears.

Under Pressure: Balancing Work and High Performance Sport

A sit down with the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club President Bronya Sykes

Gaia Mondadori: Filming, Cambridge Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe

We sat down with Gaia ahead of her performance at the Edinburgh Fringe

Meet the Cambridge student climbing a mountain blindfolded for charity

Ed Smith, a second year at St John’s, is going to attempt to climb a Thai mountain blindfolded to raise money for the RNIB

Discussing the Shadowing Scheme and online access with the SU Access Officer

Zaynab talks to The Tab about the successes and challenges of organising an online access programme

The Tab sits down with Stormy Daniels

‘There are more assholes in politics than porn’

Netflix Drive to Survive’s motorsport icon Christian Horner speaks at Cambridge Union

The Drive to Survive crew also filmed the talk

Interview: Ex-FBI agent Clint Watts on Russian ‘disinformation’ and the Ukraine war

A former FBI Agent discusses Russian disinformation and its potential impact on the current Ukraine war