Max Fosh: TikTok, Cuthbert the Caterpillar, and a boxing match between the Oxbridge Unions?

Instead of talking to drunk students at 2 am outside Lola Lo’s, Max Fosh caught up with our sober Tab Editor after his talk at the Union. 

Cambridge degrees then and now: Day in the life of a geographer

Has anything changed in 20 years?

These Cambridge University undergrads run a £109,000 investment fund

Most of us can’t even budget our student loan properly…

Gardies: ‘A life story’ 

The Tab spoke to Gardies owner Vas about Stephen Fry, a secret society, drunk students and the best item to order from the menu. 

Creative Spotlight: Margaux Emmanuel on writing flash fiction

‘Writing is going to grow and evolve and you’re going to realise what works for you’

Meet Malini and Sikemi, the Cambridge students and creators of the Generation C podcast

The Generation C podcast gives voice to the perspectives of university students during the pandemic

Louise Harris: Week Five Blues, Song-writing, and Cambridge

Would ‘Dating me is like a Cambridge term’ fit with the proposed new term structure?

Cambridge Survivors: Uniting those who have experienced sexual misconduct

We spoke to the anonymous admins of Cambridge Survivors, an organisation running pages on Facebook and Instagram dedicated to allowing survivors to share their experiences

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Megan Barton Hanson: A bisexual Love Island, OnlyFans, and empowering yourself

Following her talk at the Cambridge Union, The Tab had an exclusive conversation with Megan

Interview: The students exposing Jesus College’s investment in ‘exploitation and extinction’

Simply divesting ‘does nothing to actively repair the damage done by decades of investment or positively contribute to building a liveable future’

Meet Eva Carroll, the Cambridge student working with Our Streets Now to end Public Sexual Harassment

‘I’m just stopped, stopped in my tracks by a horrible comment, it weighs on my mind and I can’t concentrate properly’

Meet The Oxbridge Launchpad, the student team improving access for Oxford and Cambridge applicants

The initiative offering Cambridge applicants the advice we wish we all had

‘Allyship is a verb’: We spoke to trans students about how to make Cambridge more trans-inclusive

The trans experience doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or stressful – we can all play a role in making Cambridge a more welcoming environment

Creative Spotlight: Edoardo Chidichimo on making music for mental health awareness

‘This is our music, this is what we can create, this is how we’re connected’

Meet the presenters of the 24 hour ‘Mind Map’ radio broadcast for Student Minds Cambridge

Stay up all night for a good cause!

‘Not everything is up for debate’: Priyamvada Gopal on the truth about free speech in Cambridge

‘Free speech is meaningless if all it involves is punching down’