Meet the Cambridge student climbing a mountain blindfolded for charity

Ed Smith, a second year at St John’s, is going to attempt to climb a Thai mountain blindfolded to raise money for the RNIB

Discussing the Shadowing Scheme and online access with the SU Access Officer

Zaynab talks to The Tab about the successes and challenges of organising an online access programme

The Tab sits down with Stormy Daniels

‘There are more assholes in politics than porn’

Netflix Drive to Survive’s motorsport icon Christian Horner speaks at Cambridge Union

The Drive to Survive crew also filmed the talk

Interview: Ex-FBI agent Clint Watts on Russian ‘disinformation’ and the Ukraine war

A former FBI Agent discusses Russian disinformation and its potential impact on the current Ukraine war

Matthew Holland: Coxing for Cambridge and commentating with Clare Balding

Cambridge alumnus Matthew Holland discusses coxing, umpiring and commentating the boat races

The Tab sits down with students who occupied the Cambridge BP Institute

Students discuss climate anxiety, direct actions and the need for change

The Tab sits down with the Porters Log

‘You can make fun of union hacks without them confronting you’

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Ibz Mo’s top tip for exam szn at Cambridge

‘Work for the best, but prepare for the worst’

The Tab sits down with Ali Abdaal

‘My supervisor thought I was hungover but I was completely wrecked from just chatting and trying to win Articulate’

‘Quincy and Claire Talk Conspiracy’: Meet the co-hosts behind the podcast

‘The biggest thing that I want to get across is that we are not conspiracy theorists’

The Tab sits down with the youngest ever winner of the National Poetry Prize

‘Poetry is sort of an escape, it is an escape away from the constraints that we place on ourselves during our daily life, a space where you can be honest with yourself’

Meet the Cambridge student who’s gone to Ukraine to help in the conflict

Nikolai Nizalov – an undergrad at St. Catharine’s College – returned to Ukraine during Lent term

CUBC, The Olympics and Careers: An interview with Tom George

Tom George is 6 seat for the Boat Race on Sunday

An Interview with Sophie West: the Union’s satirical Presidential candidate

‘There’s an element of truth to every joke’

The Tab sits down with Student Minds blog editor

‘you don’t have this expectation of yourselves to reach the maximum for every single essay like it’s OK to be just OK’