Cambridge alumnus Alex Woolf convicted for uploading stolen images to porn sites

Following his recent conviction, The Tab talks to Alex Woolf’s victims who speak out against his “depraved” crimes

Meet Cambridge University’s Taylor Swift Appreciation Society

At 425 members the society is one of the University’s most popular societies.

Creative Spotlight: Emily Lau on creating book and film reviews for YouTube

‘It’s a matter of streamlining your creative priorities, what you think is most worth your mental and creative effort and your time’

‘Anyone is welcome’: Meet Georgie Windsor and the Cambridge University Witch Society

Despite the heavily gendered and stigmatised term of ‘witch’, Cambridge University Witch Society is a safe and inclusive space for all

The Tab x Humans of Cambridge: Capturing the character of Cambridge students

Looking for proof that Cambridge students are amazingly stylish, colourful and unique? Look no further…

Creative Spotlight: Hassan Raja on photographing the small, everyday moments

‘Life rewards you when you make the effort to go and seek out those moments’

Meet Ella Honey, the first-year Geographer from Girton who swam across the Channel

The Cambridge team completed the Varsity Channel Relay in 9h 58m, taking only slightly more time than a walk from Girton to King’s Parade

Ibz Mo at the Union: Speaking About Cambridge Bursaries, Networking and Social Mobility

We spoke to one of Cambridge’s biggest Youtubers

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‘Complete diversity in humans’: We spoke to ‘Humans of Cambridge’ photographer Mark Box

‘I see beauty in people, I see beauty in photography, I see it everywhere and I just want to capture it’

Student group Embrace collects period products for those experiencing homelessness in Cambridge

‘By dropping in a few spare tampons, or adding an extra pack of pads to your Sainsbury’s shop, the collegiate student body could make a huge difference to homeless period poverty in Cambridge’

Rugby Blues round-up: meet the players planning on beating O*ford

Women’s, men’s, League and Union Rugby- we’ve got you covered

Interview: Yewande Biala, Amy Hart, and Rosie Williams

We spoke to the ex-Love Islanders after their Union talk about racial diversity and empowering professional women on Love Island

Max Fosh: TikTok, Cuthbert the Caterpillar, and a boxing match between the Oxbridge Unions?

Instead of talking to drunk students at 2 am outside Lola Lo’s, Max Fosh caught up with our sober Tab Editor after his talk at the Union. 

Cambridge degrees then and now: Day in the life of a geographer

Has anything changed in 20 years?

These Cambridge University undergrads run a £109,000 investment fund

Most of us can’t even budget our student loan properly…

Gardies: ‘A life story’ 

The Tab spoke to Gardies owner Vas about Stephen Fry, a secret society, drunk students and the best item to order from the menu.