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Prince Charles asks Cambridge engineers to ‘act quickly’ to save the planet

The Prince of Wales addressed the engineers on his trip to the Whittle Laboratory yesterday

| UPDATED Cambridge

Prince Charles paid a visit to the Whittle Laboratory on Trumpington Street yesterday as the Royal Founding Patron of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

The Prince unveiled the plaque for The National Centre for Propulsion and Power (TNCPP) which will be opened on 28th January 2020.

Both the CISL and TNCPP hope to aid in the creation of a net-zero economy through encouraging collaboration between industry, academia and policy leadership.

The Prince, who has always been an advocate for action on climate change, was toured around the laboratory, where he was given insights into the recent advances in zero carbon flight research at Cambridge University, which included viewing a prototype plane component.

Addressing engineers and students, the Prince stated: “We have run out of time to rescue this poor old planet from man-made emissions and all the complications we’re now facing, all the challenges we’re facing.”

The Prince called upon the ‘genius’ of Cambridge engineers to lead the way in rescuing our planet.

The Whittle Laboratory holds an important place in aviation history, opened in 1973 by Sir Frank Whittle, whose original designs are still used to power huge aircrafts over long distances. Now, in its collaboration with the CISL, the laboratory also looks to shape the future of the aviation industry – namely by aiming to decarbonise it by 2050.