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Solo journeys and musical memories

Tracing my childhood, one song at a time

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Pep talk & a playlist: You Got This!

Music to inspire (ill-fated) confidence

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It’s not a Cambridge pres without…

Pass me the aux cord

The Tab’s Political Survey: The Results

How Conservative is your college? How socialist is your subject?

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JAMES BLUNT talks singing, stalking and twitter with the Tab

‘Putting out a song about stalking isn’t the way to get the One’. James Blunt opens up about the misinterpretation of his biggest hit in interview.

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BREAKING: James Blunt to SING at Cambridge Union

Who needs a Crushbridge when you can have this guy serenading you?

Songs to help you break-up with Cambridge

By being about places that are much, much better

How to make the most of May Balls

Get ready for absolute MAYhem

Where to find the best music in May Week

This is the most exciting time of the year for music fiends

The General Election summed up in ten songs

Theresa May and Beyonce have more in common than you think

The Drury Diaries: Police, Posh Plays and Perspective

Looking for beauty in the face of terror

The Tab guide to study music

Saving your sorry asses

Take care of yourself during exams

Legit tips to get you through

The Troubling Tale of the Hannah Montana of Hip-Hop

How did the American sweetheart go to hip-hop hustler and back?

I’m tired of misogynistic songs

Songs that objectify women and condone non-consent shouldn’t be at the top of our charts

The Easter Vac News Column

Catching you up on all the gossip you missed whilst trying to recover from last term.

Meet the Lifestyle Columnists

Food, sex and fashion. What more is there to life?

Become a Lifestyle Columnist for the Tab

You know you want to

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The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

The Cambridge freshers’ playlist

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