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The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

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We want YOU to join The Tab’s new team for Lent. Whether you’re a fresher or finalist, have little or lots of experience, we want you to write for Cambridge’s most-read student newspaper. So what are you waiting for?

The deadline for applications is 11pm on Sunday. Get applying right away.

Why should I apply? 

  • Do you want to be part of Cambridge’s most read student newspaper?
  • Do you want to know all the best gossip in town?
  • Do you desperately need those CV points?
  • Do you want fun meetings, great socials, and amazing stash?
  • Do you want the chance to have your stories read by students all over the country, and make national news?
  • Do you simply want fame/BNOC status?

Of course you do. It’d be worth it just for a Tab mug.

The Tab has the biggest readership in Cambridge and is one of the most fun societies around. Also, you’ll be a small part of history: the now world-conquering Tab began right here in Cambridge.

How do I apply? 

Pick a position (below) to apply for, answer the following questions and send your responses to [email protected].

Include in the email your name, the position you’re applying for, subject, college, and phone number.

  1. How would you improve your section next term? (We’re thinking article ideas, things you’d like to continue, and what has and hasn’t worked).
  2. What are your favourite and least favourite things about the Tab?
  3. Why should we choose you? 
  4. If you’re applying to be a section editor, how would you get writers to write for you?
  5. OR, if you want to be a weekly columnist or Tab TV presenter, what’s your vision for your column/ Tab TV show?

It’s not obligatory, but if you’re pleased with an article you’ve written, then send it with your application. It doesn’t have to be for us, but we’d like to get a sense of your writing style.

It’s really that simple.

Who wouldn’t want one of these?

What are the positions?  

News Editor (2)

If keeping on top of the latest gossip is your thing, then News is for you. Following breaking stories, having the potential to reach the National Press and having an excuse to be extra nosy are just some benefits.

Chief News Reporter

We need someone to be around to report on big events (think CUSU council, protests, anything that will attract attention). Someone who isn’t afraid to get stuck in, ask questions and find out ‘the truth’ is what we need for this role.

Investigations Editor (2)

Investigations work closely with the News Editors on longer term projects that often make our biggest stories. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and get snooping.

Features Editor (2)

Do you want to write about Cambridge’s best benches? Want to Liveblog your weekly essay crisis on The Tab? Want to decide which Ikea table your college is? If you love writing about everything fundamentally inane and pointless, then features is for you. Best served with dose of irony and sass.

If you’d like to focus your time on writing rather than editing, you can also apply for Chief Features Writer.

Opinion Editor (2)

Do you enjoy a rant? Do you enjoy reading other people’s rants? Then opinion is for you. If you’re constantly furious about freshers, can’t contain your rage at CUSU, or feel terrified of Trump, the best way to channel your rage is through writing and forcing other people to read it.

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor (2)

The Tab’s trendiest section. If you fancy writing about the newest restaurants in town, have very strong opinions on footwear that you simply must share with the world, or just want an excuse to take pictures of hot people around town for the sake of ‘Fit College’ this section is for you.

Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer

Must have Instagrams on point.

Interviews Editor

Must enjoy talking to strangers, whether it be famous folk at the Union or the guys at Van of Life.

Theatre Editor (2)

Free tickets to see all of the shows in Cambridge – it’s time to channel your inner thesp. If Shakespeare is better than sex, and musicals make you melt, apply to be Theatre Editor.

Music Editor

Constantly ranting to your friends about how shit their music taste is? Moan to a much larger audience and educate them. Must enjoy wavy garms and be #edg-e.

Sports Editor

Always wanted to be a blue but can’t motivate yourself to get off the sofa? Live your dreams by being our sports editor. Please note that you will not get a blue for being Sports Ed.

Weekly Columnists

Can you write? Do you have a personality? Good. Then you can be a weekly columnist. You have the freedom to write whatever floats your boat – or gets your goat – that week.

The News Columnist

It’ll be your job to keep on top of all the news everybody doesn’t need to know, but wants to know.

Tab TV Presenters

Can you handle the BNOC fame? If so, you could be the face of Tab TV.

So what are you waiting for? Send an email by 11pm on Sunday 27th November and we will be in touch soon after. If you have any questions, send them to Hannah and Rory at [email protected].

Interviews will be held on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November.