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Fashion, Mental Health and Me

A reflection on what fashion means to me as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

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Yes, you are weird for wanting to see pictures of young Ted Bundy

All of your internet privileges are taken away forever, you’ve ruined it

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There’s two types of middle class at uni – no one wants to be the posh kid

The intricacies of defining Cambridge’s all-encompassing ‘middle class’

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Gal power needs to think outside the bubble

Women’s activism in Cambridge is often too insular and not global enough

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Why everyone hates vegans

“End vegetable cruelty”

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Apply NOW to be a Tab Section Editor

The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

Stop taking the piss out of Kim Kardashian, it’s misogynistic and disgusting

We easily forget she’s a real person, like we do with other women

Britain: busted by the Baby Boomers but there’s still hope

Our generation’s unity is Brexit’s silver lining.

Cambridge nightlife is changing for the better

From Strawberries and Creem to renting out pub basements: the possibilities are limitless.

In defence of the Junction and what it stands for

If you think it’s just about upper middle-class ravers trying to act street, then you’re wrong.

Our Big Fat Snobbery Fest

ALLEGRA LE FANU on how “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” legitimises Britain’s class divide.

Debate: Student Reviewing Does More Harm Than Good

Are student reviews bad news? HARRY MICHELL and AMI JONES battle it out.

Reality TV Makes Everything Better

Tab Director and past Editor TABATHA LEGGETT strikes back: ‘Best In Cambridge’ could be the best thing to happen in ages.

The Music Industry Is Only Skin Deep

MEGAN KENNEDY: Even bands that you wouldn’t expect to be drawn in have turned to the ever expanding Skins franchise for a career boost. Now even you can be on the soundtrack to the lives of the protagonists by sending in your demos. Good work, Channel 4 ad men.

The Animals Went In Two By Two…

KATE ELLIOTT on the animals you see in Cindies.