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Love Island stars, BDSM and broken doors

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Breaking News

Jesus becomes first Oxbridge college to elect a black master

OBE Sonita Alleyne will begin her role this October

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Life as we know it is over

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Syrian teenager awarded FULL SCHOLARSHIP to study at Cambridge

Hundreds of students signed an open letter to put pressure on the university

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The Tab’s 2017 NEWS ROUND-UP

And what a year for news it really has been

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Former Big Issue seller gains place at Hughes Hall

“I can’t believe what I’ve achieved.”

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One refugee who survived a perilous journey to Britain is now studying at Cambridge

The Tab talks to Rabia Nasimi

News Column: Week 2 CHAOS

All the week’s saucy updates

ADC theatre to close for six months

The home of Cambridge theatre will undergo extensive renovation

News Column: Keen Queens’, Sharking Second Years and Trinity Tea

Read it to see if you’re in it

Racist graffiti discovered in the Law Faculty

An email was sent to all Law students

Cambridge named second best university in the world

The Other Place came first

Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull get their own radio show

Seamonkey is go

Caius college announces first female Master

She’ll come into post in late September 2018

News Column: Girton gets a pounding and Jesus turns water into wine

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

Tories choose Cambridge candidate

He’s a Cambridge genetics grad

The Tab is looking for News Writers

All gossip fiends and general election teens need apply

A billionaire benefactor of Cambridge University faces threat of extradition to US

He has reportedly been donating millions to build our Ukrainian Studies centre

CUSU Council agenda shows 2200% increase in NUS fees

They were anticipated to be only £250

Princess Nokia threw a drink on a ‘white boy who was disrespecting her’ and hit him at a show last night

He called her ‘Abigail’ while she was performing at last night’s Cambridge University fashion show