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Rory Sachs
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Varsity’s claims about CUCA cash-burner rubbished by Sturgeon’s spokesperson

The student paper’s coverage led with the claim

Clare College gives 70 year old member ‘the chop’

A fell from grace for the College

A very Cambridge Christmas message from The Tab

Fa la la la la

Famous artist DEFACES painting with ‘Hitler moustache’ at Jesus College dinner

Call the college dean

REVIEW: Comedy Weakly

Rory Sachs thought Comedy Weakly’s fast-paced hour of one liners and surreal stereotypes will fit in with the Late-Show crowd.

Caius to hold its first ever formal

They’re calling it ‘formal-formal’, since they have no other way of describing it

Clubbers of the Week: Week Two/Three

No one is safe

Clubbers of the Week: Freshers’ Spectacular

No one is safe

Which Deadly Sin is your Society?

Because, let’s be honest, we’re all going to hell

Bake Off’s Andrew: It sounds like Oxford students know how to party

The Tab inteviews Cantab cooking inspiration Andrew Smyth

Cambridge students are officially the hardest working in the UK

In other news, water is wet

We asked freshers what they thought Cambridge would be like

I’ll no doubt pronounce ‘tapenade’ wrong and no one will talk to me

May-Ballers of the Week

No one is safe

Cards Against Cambridge

A party game for horrible Cantabs

Caesarian Sunday-ers of the week

Like Clubbers of the week, but messier. Oh so messier.

How to boast about your first now that class lists have been abolished

Worried your friends won’t realise just how great you are? The Tab is here to help

The types of housemates you’ll have to live with in second year

Choose them wisely

TONIGHT: Peterhouse in the University Challenge Final

When it’s on, where you can watch it, and most importantly, what are their chances?

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift to headline Trinity May Ball

It turns out she can’t shake off everyone

Clubbers of the Week

No one is safe

Which Taylor Swift song is your College?

Cambridge’s rich history has met its match. Academia, architecture and alumni are all great but OMG did you see who Taylor left Cindies with last night?