Why which college you go to matters

It has a huge influence

CUSU doesn’t need to be irrelevant

CUSU Presidential candidate JACK DRURY is here to tell you why.

Varsity Match UNDER THREAT due to discrimination row

Oxford and Cambridge are really not seeing eye to eye over Varsity football

Apply NOW to be a Tab Section Editor

The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

Cambridge Blues bare all in RAG charity calendar

Blue balls out for charity

Undercover: Cambridge Blues

Infiltrating the team.

Ode to Sir Tom

Tom Daley ‘came out’ today and JOE GOODMAN has something to say about it.


“COLIN ROTHWELL” warns of a dangerous new breed of addicts who are muscling their way into our society.

Blues Washed Away In Varsity Swimming

SWIMMING: Oxford prove too strong for the Light Blues in the Varsity Swimming, TOMMY BAJOREK reports.

Sports Centre To Open In 18 Months

The first phase of the Sports Complex could be completed within 18 months after leaping the last administrative hurdle.

The Woes of ‘Healthy Living’

We’d all like to be a little healthier, but does this mean we have to sign up for the muesli and lyrca-clad culture too? CHARLOTTE HILL explores on our changing concept of ‘healthy’ and tries to make friends with her alarm clock.

Uncle A Solves Banter Bother

This week, Uncle A dispenses wisdom on that most elusive of social skills: banter

Bear-Faced Cheek

The St. Edmund’s Bears Drinking Society have been banned from the Hawks’ Club after a night of debauchery.

£46 million but still no sports centre

Cambridge University will spend £46 million on a new science building, despite telling students it cannot afford to provide them with sports facilities.