Joshi Eichner Herrmann

Joshi Eichner Herrmann


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If you go to one Cambridge museum this term…

JOSHI EICHNER HERRMANN thinks that when it comes to exam term inspiration, the Art Fund Prize nominated Scott Polar Museum gives the Fitzwilliam a serious, heart-rending, life-affirming run for its money.

Exclusive: TCS Editor Resigned After Attempting John’s Sex Smear

The morning’s resignation of TCS Editor Philip Brook came after he was caught attempting to make unfounded sexual allegations against a fellow at St. John’s.

Exclusive: Lily Cole To Play Lead Role In ADC Show

Supermodel Lily Cole will play a lead role in an ADC play this term, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Equating Caravaggio with Raoul Moat has left us all the poorer

JOSHI EICHNER HERRMANN: We have squandered the chance to consider Caravaggio as a homosexual revolutionary; to re-open the file on the great man’s relationship with the Bacchic and narcissistic youths who pout suggestively out of his early Roman portraits.

Exclusive: Union To Host Porn Stars This Term

The Tab can exclusively reveal that the Union will host a debate featuring porn star Johnny Anglais and adult movie director Anna Span. The blockbuster termcard also features film stars, spies, judges and big name politicians.

Varsity Trip Coach Crashes

The Varsity Trip got off to a hairy start yesterday when one of the coaches crashed on the M25.

Profile: Who Are The Hawks’ Club?

For most of the university, the Hawks’ Club is the place where Blue-tacs disappear on Sunday and Wednesday nights on the arms of tricenarian land economists.

Exclusive: Blues Talisman Reid To Miss Varsity

Centre said to be ‘terribly disappointed’ after ankle break rules him out of Twickenham showdown.

Grudge Match Goes Ahead Amid War Of Words

The John’s-Jesus game will take place today under a cloud of ill feeling.

College Rugby Chaos As John’s Call For Jesus Suspension

UPDATE 15.10: The John’s-Jesus match will now go ahead after a meeting between the captains and league organiser Ian Minto.

Varsity Breaks The Mould

A stunningly nonchalant sign in the Varsity office reminds its few remaining apparatchiks not to do what The Guardian, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Express, The Mail, The Times, The Metro, The Star, The Mirror, The Independent, Private Eye and even TCS have done this year!

Review: Trinity Hall June Event

JOSHI EICHNER HERRMANN: ‘I find it difficult to agree with Varsity’s assessement that “guests at Trinity Hall found themselves in a fairytale wonderland”‘

Arsonist Attempts Station Inferno

Cambridge cops have blown up a car today after a mad-man arsonist went on the rampage.

Exclusive: FitFinder Offline After Founder Is Fined

Popular student website has been forced offline – The Tab can exclusively reveal that the withdrawal comes after disciplinary action aginst the site’s founder.

Union Hosts Election Night Booze-Up

Hundreds packed the Union last night to watch BBC fittie Emily Maitlis recolor the country’s political map.

Election Blog: Lib Dems Win Cambridge

As The Tab exclusively revealed at 2am, Julian Huppert has won Cambridge for the Lib Dems, with the Tories second.

The Tab’s Election Profiles

With polling day just hours away, The Tab gives you the lowdown on the men who would be king.

Goldie Triumph ‘Bodes Well’

Cambridge’s coaches tell The Tab what the prospects are for 2011…and why the Winkelvoss twins weren’t rowing in Light Blue this year.

They Didn’t Guttenplan For That!

SPOILER ALERT: This article will reveal the winner of University Challenge 2010.

Blues Record Famous Boat Race Victory

Cambridge have upset the odds to win the 156th Boat Race.

Photos: Final Blue Boat Outing

The Tab joined the Blue Boat and Goldie in their final outing before the Boat Race today with the world’s media watching on.

Exclusive Interview: University Challenge God Guttenplan Speaks

Alex Guttenplan has been labelled an “unlikely internet heartthrob” by the papers this week. Read his first ever full interview here.

Exclusive: Coppers Caught Letting Off Bike Thieves

Cambridge police have denied being soft on crime after The Tab saw two coppers catching a group of bike thieves – but then letting them go scot free.

Jesus, Can Someone Turn On The Lights?

Jesus students were evacuated from their rooms last night as a power cut plunged the college into darkness.

Mansigani Gets CUSU Top Job

Rahul Mansigani has been elected as CUSU President – although the candidates attracted fewer votes than The Tab’s Fit College!

Blue Boat Announced

The line-up for the 2010 Blue Boat has been announced amid predictions of a “very close” Boat Race.

POLL: The Great Cindy’s/ Cindis/ Sindy’s/ Cindies Debate. Vote Here.

As a result of overwhelming public demand, The Tab has decided to end the debate over how to spell everyone’s favourite mid-week haunt. VOTE HERE!

T C mesS: Union Paper Pulled After CUSU Cock-up

Amid accusations of censorship, illegality and CUSU meddling the union-run newspaper TCS was unable to be printed on time this week.

Review: Churchill Springball

“If Churchill Springball had been in May Week, no-one would have gone.”

NU-yeS For CUSU In Election

‘YES’ campaign triumphs in referendum on the NUS.

Bops Are Back At Queens’

Bops are back as Queens’ Dean caves into pressure and lifts the ban on all non-academic events in College – follow all the updates HERE!

Chigbo Guilty Of Election Abuses

CUSU president Tom Chigbo has been reprimanded for breaking key election rules relating to the NUS referendum which opened today.

Confusion Reigns At CUSU

A key meeting of the CUSU Council broke up in confusion on Tuesday night.

Chigbo Facing Crucial CUSU Vote

CUSU was today split down the middle by a row over its membership of the National Union of Students.

Lightweights In The Lurch

The Cambridge Lightweights have suffered a serious set-back after the snow scuppered their training camp.

Oxford’s Sinking Feeling

The Dark Blues’ Boat Race plans take on water at Trial Eights.

Blues Boys Bring It Home

CAMBRIDGE WIN VARSITY – The Blues have beaten Oxford 31-27 in a thrilling match at Twickers

Blues Head to Twickers for Varsity

Blues and Under 21s squads count down last 24 hours to Twickenham

Ski Trip Begins in Chaos

Cock-ups and and confusion mar the start of the 2009 Varsity Trip

Fairbairns Crown for Queens’

Queens’ and Trinity have taken the senior Fairbairns titles

Follow Fairbairns Here

Tomorrow sees the start of Fairbairns. Follow it on The Tab…

Jesus and Wolfson win at Clare

Clare novices sees reversals in fortune from Queens’ Ergs

Rugby Round Up: Trouble For Trinity

Jesus and Downing both win as Trinity stumble towards danger

Queens’ Rule River

Winter Head sees victory for the term’s surprise package

Rugby Round Up: Girton Hit Gold

Girton end their losing streak as John’s scrape past Downing

Rugby Round Up: The Great Catz Massacre

John’s march on against Catz while contenders Jesus and Downing narrowly win

Fitz fire at Queens’ Ergs

Novice success for Fitz and Anglia on night of chaos at Queens’ Ergs

Catz 1- 7 Jesus

Jesus avenge Cuppers final defeat against Catz with 7-1 drubbing

LATEST: Queens’ men deny Downing double

Queens’ 1st IV pulled off a surprise performance to finish in a dead heat with Downing in the men’s 1st division final of University Fours.

Downing sink Jesus in Uni Fours

A broken rudder sends Jesus crashing out of Uni Fours against rivals Downing on the first day

Cambridge in solar car crisis

The Cambridge team in a race for solar cars across Australia have failed in their quest for glory.

Red Boys Ruck And Roll

St. Johns have put 1st Division rivals Jesus firmly in their place. (Match Report)

Battling Blues Restore Belief

Despite a 35-24 loss, there’s finally something to build on.

Jesus Run Riot On The River

Jesus Boat club start the season impeccably, winning Autumn Head.

£46 million but still no sports centre

Cambridge University will spend £46 million on a new science building, despite telling students it cannot afford to provide them with sports facilities.