Bear-Faced Cheek

The St. Edmund’s Bears Drinking Society have been banned from the Hawks’ Club after a night of debauchery.

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The Bears have been banned from the Hawks’ Club after trashing the dining room on a swap with the Homerton Thunderbirds.

The drinking society, which is largely made up of rugby and rowing blues, uses the club to host their notoriously messy swaps.

The problem on Wednesday started when the dessert arrived, the Bears started a full on food fight, smearing chocolate pudding on the girls’ faces and down their tops.

When the steward tried to intervene it got personal.

Instead of calming down some of the boys started slagging off his wife.

A source told The Tab, “they were calling her a whore, it was really out of order.”

Despite apologising and cleaning up the mess they will not be able to use the club for their swaps for the rest of the year.

A statement from the Hawks’ Club claimed that their “code of etiquette” had been breached and the decision was taken to ban them.

Patrick Crossley is both the Hawks’ President and a Bear so you’d think this would have been an awkward one for him. Surprisingly he seems to be taking it in his stride: “I am a proud Bear and a proud Hawk…everyone has moved on and forgiven/forgotten about it.”

Sources have told The Tab that the Bears have joined the Wyverns in being banned from the Club.

Fortunately Crossley doesn’t seem to be bearing a grudge.