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Rowing in Cambridge: is it really worth the bragging rights?

A novice’s experience of discovering the crazy rowing world

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The Tab talks to Freddie Davidson, a Boatrace Blue

A behind the scenes look at how the crew members are prepping

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Boatie slang: Get boat race ready

How to look like you’re not just there to drink

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Rowing: Is it worth it?

Should you join the cult?

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BEST BUMS 2017: Where to take your best bums picture

The salacious summary

Homerton breaks world record

Rowing for more than 3 days straight

VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Top 100 BNOCs

Find out if YOU made the cut

BLOCKAGE ON THE CAM: Man trying to save swans causes Boat Race chaos

He just wanted the rowers to stop swanning around

Horsing Around: Pony rescued from the Cam

A story like this can really stirrup some emotions

Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club Excel at Team GB Trials

People who spend their lives rowing turn out to be pretty good at it

Taking your Best Bums photo: The Ultimate Guide

Or, how many arse-related puns can I crack in one article?

We asked freshers what they thought Cambridge would be like

I’ll no doubt pronounce ‘tapenade’ wrong and no one will talk to me

Rowers, BNOCs, and Zovirax

Many grow up dreaming of wealth, fame, or featuring in a fireman calendar. I just wanted to come to Cambridge.

Police investigate Cambridge rowers for “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal” after wildlife are killed

The crime carries a penalty of up to six years in prison.

DEATH ON THE CAM? Duckling disaster during bumps

He quacked it

BUMPS: Day 3 Roundup

Find out what happened to whom, by who.

BUMPS: Day 2 Roundup

Find out what happened, to whom, by who.

BUMPS: Day 1 Roundup

Find out what happened, to whom, by who.

BUMPS: The good, the bad and the ugly.

We have done some digging to bring you the (completely factual and not at all historically questionable) line-up of the biggest and baddest bumps of all time.

BUMPS: The history of it all

The May Bumps are believed to be the largest student sport by participation, nationally. Make sure you know something about it.