Horsing Around: Pony rescued from the Cam

A story like this can really stirrup some emotions

cam Cambridge Foals horses river Rowing

Firefighters were saddled with the responsibility of rescuing a horse, after it had fallen in the river during the early hours.

The foalish horse fell into the river early on Saturday morning. Despite all the neigh-sayers who thought it wouldn’t work, the fire-fighters achieved a spectacular rescue of the pony.

The mane issue was getting the horse out of the cam – they used a rope

Eager spectators were jockeying for the best spot to watch the spectacle, so The Tab was forced to recreate the pony’s predicament, in case we were unable to acquire pictures.

This dramatic recreation shows the horse still trapped in the water, concerned that the end was neigh.

Some students were upset that a horse fell in the Cam. “I am upset a horse fell in the Cam”, said Hari Patel, from Queens’, “I know it is cold, from experience”.

Resident political firebrand Luke Heppenstall-West called the horse’s fall “one of the biggest surprises of the week. Everyone expected the horse not to fall in the cam, but the Big (river) Banks it was relying on clearly didn’t work in its favour. People also say the horse lacked charisma and might have been a woman. I only hope Western democracy can survive intact.”

We all love a happy ending

After looping a rope around the horse, the fire services managed to successfully pull it out of the water. It’s nice to see something good happen in what has otherwise been a year of misery and despair.

The pony made it out of the river alive and well, and has returned to it’s prior occupation: principally prancing around and eating grass.

Photo Credits: A Cambridge Diary –  www.acambridgediary.co.uk.