Phoebe Gargaro

Phoebe Gargaro
Cambridge University


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Why Lent Term is the worst

Spoiler: it was reLENTless

Clare May Ball launch game so addictive students have “stopped working”

You can win free tickets by playing it

Cambridge English Professor in court over possession of indecent images of children

He faced a total of 12 allegations

A billionaire benefactor of Cambridge University faces threat of extradition to US

He has reportedly been donating millions to build our Ukrainian Studies centre

Begging gang targeting Cambridge city centre

There are concerns that students are specifically being targeted

CUSU Council agenda shows 2200% increase in NUS fees

They were anticipated to be only £250

Princess Nokia threw a drink on a ‘white boy who was disrespecting her’ and hit him at a show last night

He called her ‘Abigail’ while she was performing at last night’s Cambridge University fashion show

Cambridge beats Oxford in free speech rankings


Queens’ students angered by changes to ballot system

They’re royally dissatisfied


As Marlowe would have wished it

Garbagegate: Homerton bops on the line after littering and damage

Still, not as bad as last time

REVEALED: Cambridge centre officially the most pro-remain area in the UK

Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit to Cambridge

Cambridge no longer the biggest home of privately educated students

Figures released bust the myth

Cambridge University alcohol survey results REVEALED

Spoilers: we’re not as lit as we think we are

One year since Giulio Regeni’s disappearance, there is still a long way to go

A year onwards: could we do more?

Sidney’s June Event 2017 theme revealed

They’re probably in denial about adulthood and responsibility

Cambridge FAILS to make top Stonewall LGBT rankings

The rankings suggest Cambridge needs to focus more on LGBT+ inclusivity

Lent Union line up: More stars, not quite star-studded

It’s definitely better than last term though

Husband of university lecturer found guilty of her attempted murder

The Anglia Ruskin lecturer was dealt numerous blows with a lump hammer

Famous Cantabs win BIG at the Golden Globes

Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston and Olivia Colman walked away with awards

CamCareers DENYING grads the jobs they really want

CamCareers: a world of opportunity, as long as you stick with one option

Cambridge University living costs officially CHEAPER than Oxford by thousands of pounds

You get more for a Bridge than an Ox

Intelligence experts SEVER Cambridge seminar ties over alleged Russian funding

The former head of MI6 is included in the three

Teenage Hacker who targeted Cambridge library and TalkTalk now sentenced

He just wanted to show off to his mates

Chancellor promises Cambridge £137 million in funding

The funding is to replace research grants promised by the EU

BLOCKAGE ON THE CAM: Man trying to save swans causes Boat Race chaos

He just wanted the rowers to stop swanning around

A Bridgemas Carol

Doing Dickens the Cambridge way

Are you too Cambridge for Cambridge?


How I underestimated week five

They don’t call them the blues for nothing

How (not) to be college married

Spoiler: We’ve messed it up already

Imposter Syndrome? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never be a blue.

Let’s all have a rant about our lectures

Another week, another annoyance for columnist PHOEBE GARGARO

A Week in Crisis: The First Essay

Week Five Blues? More like Week Twos.

Every struggle I’ve had with my Cambridge fresher accommodation

Or, how to survive Blyth