BUMPS: Day 3 Roundup

Find out what happened to whom, by who.

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The Tab brings you the best of day 3 of Bumps, with fines, photos, and results.

M1 Division

Caius M1 retained the headship in a good set of bumps for their boat club (with four boats on for blades and only one boat getting bumped so far). There were only four bumps overall, and the top four boats all rowed over. Clare M1 are looking to gain blades tomorrow, as are Selwyn M1 (who are now up 5), while King’s M1, St Catharine’s M1 and Christ’s M1 on for spoons (Christ’s are now down 5 – #PrayForChrist’s).

7 seat is rather surprised by the catch.

M2 Division

The division saw six bumps, with three crews still eligible for blades (LMBC M2, Wolfson M1 and Clare M2). The middle of the division saw very little action.

M3, 4, and 5 Divisions

There were an impressive eight bumps in the M3 division as only two crews managed a row over. Emmanuel M3 and Queens’ M3 continued their strange tango, having bumped each other on every day so far (if the pattern continues tomorrow Queens’ will finish on top, right where they started). Peterhouse M2 remain on course for blades while First and Third M3 are now down 5. First and Third M3 have confused Bumps with limbo and are seeing how low can they go.

In the M4 division there was an over-bump for sandwich boat Queens’ M4 and the bad news kept coming for Downing M3, who are now five stations down. Caius M3 and Caius M4 are still on for blades.

In the M5 division Hughes Hall M3 over bumped again, avoiding the near-sinkings and crashes that have plagued Hughes Hall M1 and M2. Elsewhere in the division LMBC M5 are on for blades while LMBC M4 are eligible for spoons, proving once and for all that LMBC has no idea what it is doing. First & Third’s Grad Boat continue on their road to blades, bumping  LMPC M4 despite breaking an oar on the first stroke.

You only need 7 rowers to bump Lady Margaret Paddling Club it seems.

W1 Division

Downing W1 and Caius W1 once again rowed over, and the rest of the division saw only five bumps. Churchill W1 and Magdalene W1 are still eligible for blades, while Queens’ W1 looks likely to get bumped and thus earn their spoons (in which endeavour Christ’s W1 might join them, marking a terrible series of bumps for their boat club).

W2 Division

An exciting day for this division, with only two crews managing to row over. Selwyn W1, Murray Edwards W1, Emmanuel W2 and Sidney Sussex W1 are eligible for spoons, while Fitzwilliam W1, Newnham W2, Robinson W1 and Corpus Christi W1 could get blades in a division that has seen a real shake-up of its order. Wolfson W1 got their revenge on Downing W2 for the bump on the first day of racing, and Downing will be looking to bump them again tomorrow.

Churchill taking things seriously.

W3, and 4 Divisions

In W3 St Catherine’s got revenge on Selwyn after being bumped on the first day. St Edmund’s W1 got their third bump of the week on Jesus W3, Caius W2 are still on for blades, Christ’s W2 and Selwyn W2 are still on for spoons. Clare W2 suffered a crab down the reach and nearly lost a blade, but the four crews behind had bumped out and they were able to recover.
In the W4 Division Churchill W2 bump again after their double over-bump yesterday, and are now up 6 stations. As they pursue glory, Clare W3 continue providing stability in an otherwise tumultuous division by rowing over for the third day in a row (despite bumps and over bumps happening both above and below them). Wolfson W2 are on for blades after their double over-bump on the first day, and are now up 5.

They look god awful, but they’re certainly fast.

Crews on for blades (bump up each day)

Caius M1, M3, M4, W2
Churchill W1
Clare M1
Corpus Christi W1
Downing W1
First & Third Grad Boat
Fitzwilliam W1
Lady Margaret M2, M5
Magdalene W1
Newnham W2
Pembroke M3
Peterhouse M2
Robinson W1
Selwyn M1
St. Edmund’s W1
Wolfson M1

Crew on for spoons (bumped down each day)

Christ’s M2, M3, W1, W2, M2
Clare M5, W4
Dowing M3
Emmanuel W2, W4
First & Third M3
Fitzwilliam W2
Girton M2
King’s M1
Lady Margaret M4
Murray Edwards W1
Queens’ W1
Selwyn M3, W1, W2
Sidney Sussex W1
St. Catharine’s M1
St. Edmund’s M1

Lady Margaret M2 setting themselves up for blades on day 4.


Christ’s M3 and Darwin M3 – Singing past control – Further renditions tomorrow

Finally: The Tab’s best dressed crew

The award goes to Hughes Hall M1 for their coming in fancy dress, dressed as a tree.

The infamous Rosemary Ostfeld is hiding behind the greenery.

Look out for tomorrow’s write up of the races, and good luck to all crews racing!