BUMPS: Day 1 Roundup

Find out what happened, to whom, by who.

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The Tab brings you the best of day 1 of Bumps, with fines, photos, and results.

It isn’t bumps without some gurning.

M1 Division

The M1 division has certainly not seen a boring start to the week. Only two crews stayed level today, Caius M1 at head, and Jesus M1 at 4. There are a plethora of bumps that leave the charts looking like the laces of a pair of shoes, until we get to station 13. Churchill M1 was taken out by Magdalene M1, leaving Selwyn M1 to make a rare first division overbump and hit Christ’s M1 from 13 to 16.  Girton M1 showed their mettle by first bumping Fitz M1 at the head of the second division, and then moving into the first division by getting Robinson M1.

M2 Division

The second division looks far more measured on the charts than M1, but was certainly filled with excitement. Apart from Girton escaping, and Clare M2 joining, there were only a few bumps. One of the bumps was Lady Margaret M2 on St. Edmund’s M1. Hughes Hall M1 were in hot pursuit of Lady Margaret, but didn’t quite get the bump before Maggie hit Eddie’s.

Maggie then, as per CUCBC safety rules, stopped the boat as fast as they could, and Hughes Hall continued  on into them. The Lady Margaret coxswain was launched into their strokeman, and both tumbled into the river shortly after. We hope that anyone injured is recovering well, and are beginning to question the safety of Hughes Hall BC as their M2 was also involved in the Anglia Ruskin capsizing.

If you look carefully, you can see a rower hiding in the bush.

M3, 4, and 5 Divisions

The third division was a mixed bag of row overs and bumps, including Emmanuel M3 on Queens’ M3. This left Fitzwilliam M2 able to hunt down First and Third Trinity M3 along the reach, resulting in an overbump.

Nothing exciting has been reported of the fourth division, but at the foot of the river, in the fifth division, there was another overbump. First and Third Trinity’s beautifully garbed grad boat took out Jesus M5, leaving Hughes Hall M3 to go for Clare M5.

Probably taking a bit too much back lean here.

W1 Division

Unlike the men’s first division, W1 consisted of mostly row overs, and a few bumps. All of the top six boats rowed over, and only Jesus W2, Churchill W1, and Girton W1 achieved bumps. Magdalene W1 joined the first division after moving through Selwyn W1, and St Catharine’ W1.

W2 Division

The W2 division is pretty normal, with a mixture of bumps and row over, down to station 15. At station 15, Clare W2 moved down to the third division after being overbumped by the sandwich boat from division 3, Corpus Christi W1.

TFW you miss the corner.

W3, and 4 Divisions

In the third division, nothing extraordinary happened,, but right at the foot of the river, there was a big leap from Wolfson W2. Homerton W2 bumped Magdalene W3, and Lady Margaret W3 was impeded from continuing, and given a technical row over. This left Wolfson W2 able to bear down on Emmanuel W4, and they were successful, moving them up 4 places in 1 day.

Emma W4 rowers said of the Wolfson crew “They were a W2 crew, who were much better than the division”, and “Not sure we have anything to say other than well done to Wolfson, and that at least they’ll send down some rugby boats”.

Carnage galore


Let’s not forget that the marshalls and umpires, who graciously give up their time for us to have Bumps, sometimes get bored. Here are some of the best fines of the day.

Pembroke M4 – Using bumps as a sponsorship opportunity – Burritos for the Umpires

Perhaps tomorrow will be more interesting.

Other News

The Georgina is a tour boat that often “graces” out waters over the days of Bumps so that some toffs/plebs can gaze at the mysterious boaties from a dry, booze-filled barge. Today, it happened to be toffs, as CUCA took to the Georgina. It seems that they had a bit of trouble turning her around at the bottom of the river though, a they ploughed into the reeds. Perhaps they’re simply practising poorly-executed U-turns for their careers?

Labour barge lost in meadow due to “unelectable captain”.

Finally: The Tab’s most well-dressed crew

Girton W1 with their geometric, and vibrant patterns. The greenery adds a nice touch, well done girls!

Sorry for the crop M1, but you don’t make the cut.

Look out for tomorrow’s write up of the races, and good luck to all crews racing today!