BUMPS: Day 2 Roundup

Find out what happened, to whom, by who.

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The Tab brings you the best of day 2 of Bumps, with fines, photos, and results.

Girton seem to have great rowing faces.

M1 Division

There’s no change in the top five stations, with Caius maintaining the headship. There nearly was a bump on Jesus M1 though as their 5 seat caught an overhead crab on the reach, and First & Third M1 tried to close the gap. Lower down the division, cross-hatching is continuing with all crews, except Churchill M1 and Magdalene M1 who fought each other over the whole course. Clare M1 is now the highest they’ve been for 42 years. Queens’ M1 refused to acknowledge the bump on them, before proceeding to swear at an umpire – tut, tut, tut. It seems likely that Christ’s M1 will drop out of the first division tomorrow, returning Robinson to the first division after their accidental rudder loss yesterday.

M2 Division

No one has left or joined the M2 division and there were no extraordinary bumps; the bumps that did occur were from Lady Margaret M2, Hughes Hall M1, Wolfson M1, Corpus M1, and Clare M2, who joined the division yesterday. The nicest boat on the Cam, St. Edmund’s M1, was sadly bumped today.

First & Third have a sub all the way from Africa.

M3, 4 and 5 Divisions

In the third division there were bumps from Peterhouse M2, Trinity Hall M2, Fitzwilliam M2, Darwin M2, and Queens’ M3 who bumped back Emmanuel M3.

The fourth division saw Girton M2 come down into it, and Pembroke M3 join from the the fifth division. Anglia Ruskin M1 bumped Downing M3, proving that not only can they stay upright, but also have some fire in their boat.

The fifth division saw Clare M5 remain foot of the men’s river, and the distance between Lady Margaret M5 and M4 increase after their M5 bumped their M4 yesterday. Only Jesus M5, Clare M5, Homerton M3, and Jesus M4 rowed over.

Exams are over – what are you doing?

W1 Division

A less measured day then yesterday, with more bumps. Jesus W1 got Emma W1 (although Emma did hold it up when they were hit though), Clare W1 got First & Third W1, Newnham W1 got Christ’s W1, Jesus W2 got Pembroke W1, and Magdalene W1 took themselves firmly into the first division by getting King’s W1. Caius seem to be unable to teer around grassy, taking a wide line that only increased their deficit on Downing.

Working hard on connecting, and getting engaged with the water.

W2 Division

Corpus Christi W1 continue their upwards progression after their overbump yesterday, with a bump on Queens’ W2. All other crews bumped or were bumped, apart from Clare W2, Wolfson W1, Downing W2, and St. Catharine’s W1. Homerton W1 even bumped back Darwin W1 after Darwin bumped them yesterday.

W3, and 4 Divisions

The third division had a few bumps, with Caius W2, Newnham W3, St. Edmund’s W1, Pembroke W3, and Clare Hall W1 all bumping up. Anglia Ruskin W1’s three seat is now sadly injured.

In the fourth division, things got a little more crazy. After the uber-overbump of Wolfson W2 yesterday, today we saw not only an overbump from Homerton W2, but also an double-overbump from Churchill W2 on Darwin W2. Clearly these women are not wasting any time in proving their worth.

In case it wasn’t obvious how well they did.

Crews on for blades (bump up each day)

Caius M1, M3, M4, W2
Churchill M3, W1
Clare M1
Corpus Christi W1
Darwin M2
Downing W1
Emmanuel M1
First & Third Grad Boat
Fitzwilliam M2, W1
Girton M1
Homerton W2
Hughes Hall M2
Lady Margaret M2, M5
Magdalene W1, W2
Newnham W2
Pembroke M3, M4, W3
Peterhouse M1, M2
Robinson W1
Selwyn M1
St. Edmund’s W1
Wolfson M1

Crew on for spoons (bumped down each day)

Christ’s M2, M3, W1, W2, M2
Clare M4, M5, W4
Dowing M1, M3
Emmanuel W2, W4
First & Third M2, M3, W2
Fitzwilliam W2
Girton M2
Homerton M2
King’s M1
Lady Margaret M4
Murray Edwards W1
Queens’ M1, W1
Selwyn M2, M3, W1, W2
Sidney Sussex W1
St. Catharine’s M1
St. Edmund’s M1

Unbearably cute.


Lady Margaret M2 – Whole Crew group wee – Double up for efficiency
Pembroke M4 – Panned by critics – to rehearse a new cabaret act for tomorrow

Finally: The Tab’s best dressed crew

Today’s award goes to St. Edmund’s M1, with their vibrant rugby tops.

The Esmt.duer crew.

Look out for tomorrow’s write up of the races, and good luck to all crews racing!