University attempts to block Spoons expansion

In episode 10 season 25 of ‘no fun allowed’

Wetherspoons founder talks booze and Brexit

‘What we have to do is assert our independence’

How (not) to be college married

Spoiler: We’ve messed it up already

BUMPS: Day 3 Roundup

Find out what happened to whom, by who.

From Town to Gown: bridging the gap

Sleeping with the Enemy

Bumps for idiots

ROSA JENKS explains why rowers sometimes feel the need to crash into each other.

Tab Guide To Ditching Friends In Second Year

ADRIAN GRAY shares his wisdom on how to ditch those annoying friends you made in 1st year.

The Tab’s Top Swap Spots

If you’re gonna do it, do it right, says LAUREN CHAPLIN, who gives us the low-down on Cambridge’s best swap locations.

May Bumps: Final Day Round Up

May Bumps: Day 2 Round Up

HUGH CARSON brings you analysis and predictions from the second day of bumps.

The Tab’s Companion to: May Bumps

Don’t know your bumps from you bungs? HUGH CARSON, your friendly neighbourhood rower, is here to make all clear.

Lent Bumps 2012: Day Five Round-Up

LENT BUMPS: The competition drew to a close on Saturday, with Downing and Caius retaining their headships as the blades and spoons were dished out.


LENT BUMPS 2012: follow our live updates for the FINAL DAY of the competition.

Lent Bumps 2012: Day Two Round-Up

LENT BUMPS: There was carnage on the river on Day Two of Bumps. JONATHAN FUHRMANN reports.

Blues Prove Too Sharp for Spoon AAs

RUGBY: New captain Rob Malaney gets a win in his first game in charge against a far-from-blunt Spoons invitational side.

The Tab Guide to The Room

As the Citizen Kane of bad movies arrives at Christ’s Films this week, CHLOE MASHITER gives you her guide to the spoon-infested world of The Room.

Alternative Swap Locations

“Formals are fun, there ain’t no place quite like Mahal, and I love the Bun Shop, but we’ve seen it all before.” MAUD DROMGOOLE suggests some new swapping locations.

Freshers’ Info: Grab A Pint

ANNA SHEINMAN offers five of the best watering holes for when the college bar gets too depressing/full of people you don’t want to feign interest in any longer.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Three

Read the final installment of The Tab’s alphabet as we teach you the Cambridge lingo.

Robert Smith: Culture Vulture

After an evening of free alcohol ROB SMITH brings you the cultural highlights of next week only a couple of hours later than usual.