University attempts to block Spoons expansion

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Plans to expand Cambridge’s Wetherspoons have been challenged by the University over fears of ‘inebriated patrons using Downing Place.’

The Regal, which has long been a favourite among students for its cheap drinks and solid curry, submitted an application to the council, seeking to obtain planning permission to extend the beer garden and smoking area towards the University’s Downing Site.

According to DV Architects, who submitted the application on Wetherspoons’ behalf, the renovation would offer ‘a much improved customer focused environment’ as well as an ‘improved customer experience’.

The University fears the extension could impact the Downing Site. Boo hoo

Last week the University submitted an open letter to the council in opposition to the extension, citing eight different effects the move would have on them. These vary from ‘increased patron noise inside The Regal’ to ‘increased numbers of inebriated patrons using Downing Place’.

Also cited are potential issues for cyclists along Downing Place as well as fears the language centre may be blocked by construction vehicles.

A similar application for an extension was made by Spoons last September. This was also opposed by the University.

The Regal is Cambridge’s largest pub, developed from a cinema, and represents the one of the city’s only good value drinking spots.

Popular with students and locals alike, this move is unlikely to win the University any friends.