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Eddie Spence
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VetMed van burgled by thieves seeking ketamine

Police have warned of deadly drugs being sold on the streets of Cambridge

Trinity May Ball performs U-turn on workers’ pay

Clear up and set up workers will now receive minimum wage

NEWS COLUMN: The final straight

It’s been a long old term

Grudgebridge temporarily deleted

Many claimed the page was allowing anonymous cyberbullying

Cambridge performs poorly in the Green Table

We came below Oxford and ARU in the ethical investments ranking

Cambridge implicated in Paradise Papers leak

Many colleges invested millions in offshore funds to avoid paying tax

Police investigate armed robbery on Christ’s Pieces

The police are appealing for information on the incident

News Column: Moody Magdalene, Laundry Lamentations and CUSU Conundrums

Read it to make sure you’re not in it

Former Union President admits guest sexually harassed members of the committee

There are concerns about a culture of harassment by guests at the Union

Cambridge comes first in the ‘Tables of Tables’

For the SEVENTH year in a row, just saying

Racist graffiti discovered in the Law Faculty

An email was sent to all Law students

The Cambridge Union line up for Michaelmas is out

Speakers include Caitlyn Jenner, Anthony Scaramucci and Sir Ian McKellen

Sidney Sussex Students’ Union releases statement on Christian Concern conference

Christian Concern has been widely described as homophobic and anti-abortion

Cambridge graduates named most employable in the UK

Yet you still can’t get an internship

Cambridge set to build underground transport network

Those West Cambridge commutes could become slightly less painful

Vice Chancellor sits on committee that decides his own pay

Not in any way dodgy at all, not one bit, no SIR

University attempts to block Spoons expansion

In episode 10 season 25 of ‘no fun allowed’

Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull get their own radio show

Seamonkey is go

Christ’s fellow to head Grenfell Tower inquiry

The retired judge has attracted controversy for his previous rulings

REVIEW: Pembroke May Ball 2017

Absolutely worth it