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Deputy Editor of The Tab Cambridge

Eddie Spence
Cambridge University


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Feeling let down by CUSU? Blame the council

Apathy is the source of our problems

An ode to college sport

The best this university has to offer

It’s C-Sunday, so go get drunk

You owe it to yourself

How Cambridge made drinking my hobby

Is there anything else to do?

The Tab’s Political Survey: The Results

How Conservative is your college? How socialist is your subject?

Take The Tab’s political survey

Are you more New Labour or all about the big society?

VetMed van burgled by thieves seeking ketamine

Police have warned of deadly drugs being sold on the streets of Cambridge

Trinity May Ball performs U-turn on workers’ pay

Clear up and set up workers will now receive minimum wage

NEWS COLUMN: The final straight

It’s been a long old term

Grudgebridge temporarily deleted

Many claimed the page was allowing anonymous cyberbullying

Cambridge performs poorly in the Green Table

We came below Oxford and ARU in the ethical investments ranking

Cambridge implicated in Paradise Papers leak

Many colleges invested millions in offshore funds to avoid paying tax

Police investigate armed robbery on Christ’s Pieces

The police are appealing for information on the incident

News Column: Moody Magdalene, Laundry Lamentations and CUSU Conundrums

Read it to make sure you’re not in it

Former Union President admits guest sexually harassed members of the committee

There are concerns about a culture of harassment by guests at the Union

Cambridge comes first in the ‘Tables of Tables’

For the SEVENTH year in a row, just saying

Racist graffiti discovered in the Law Faculty

An email was sent to all Law students

The Cambridge Union line up for Michaelmas is out

Speakers include Caitlyn Jenner, Anthony Scaramucci and Sir Ian McKellen

Sidney Sussex Students’ Union releases statement on Christian Concern conference

Christian Concern has been widely described as homophobic and anti-abortion

Cambridge graduates named most employable in the UK

Yet you still can’t get an internship

Cambridge set to build underground transport network

Those West Cambridge commutes could become slightly less painful

Vice Chancellor sits on committee that decides his own pay

Not in any way dodgy at all, not one bit, no SIR

University attempts to block Spoons expansion

In episode 10 season 25 of ‘no fun allowed’

Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull get their own radio show

Seamonkey is go

Christ’s fellow to head Grenfell Tower inquiry

The retired judge has attracted controversy for his previous rulings

REVIEW: Pembroke May Ball 2017

Absolutely worth it

Revealed: Trinity May Ball employing students with controversial contracts

Clear up workers take on 10-hour shifts for no monetary payment

The Tab Guide to a week long post-exam bender

How to get in the bin and stay there

History examiners told not to use the word ‘genius’ as it is associated with men

The statement follows news of radical History Faculty reform

REVEALED: How your college handles intermissions

Results show shocking disparities between colleges

BREAKING: King’s Parade evacuated due to suspected bomb

The incident in Cambridge follows a series of potential terror threats throughout the country

LIVEBLOG: General Election Debate

All the big dogs are in town

MessML: Spanish exam interrupted after students given transcript

It’s happened again

LIVEBLOG: CUSU Super Council

Broken budgets, new trustees and NUS affiliation all on the table

Piers Morgan: ‘The General Election is going to be a bloodbath’

The controversial journalist speaks to The Tab

Professor Simon Jarvis given suspended sentence

The English faculty professor has pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of children

The Tab is looking for News Writers

All gossip fiends and general election teens need apply

Katie Hopkins Union appearance attracts bizarre disco demonstration

Protestors were seen dancing to 80s disco in garish clothes


Catch all the action as CUSU tries to sort it’s shit out

Katie Hopkins Union visit to be subject to ‘Enhanced Security Measures’

Special measures follow a planned protest against Hopkins

BREAKING: JULIAN ASSANGE to speak in Maths faculty TODAY

The divisive speaker is set to speak via videolink at the Maths Faculty.

Cambridge Zero Carbon Society stages FOOTY protest on Senate House lawn

Football and fossil fuels marry in strange demonstration

Meet the Lifestyle Columnists

Food, sex and fashion. What more is there to life?

Meet the Columnists: Easter 2017

Optimistic Scandis, Tab Grandees, Yeezys and CUSU Electees

The Battle for Cambridge BEGINS as PM calls General Election

It’s Labour VS Lib Dem in the fight for the Cantab’s vote

LIVEBLOG: University Challenge Final

It’s Cambridge Wolfson vs Balliol Oxford for the most prestigious varsity of them all

Protest to take place in Cambridge tomorrow as ‘Pro Assad’ conference set to go ahead

Two patrons of organisation have resigned over the conferences’ controversial speakers

Clare closes its doors to public after tourists caught entering students’ ROOMS

In the latest episode of Gown vs Tourist

University Challenge semi final LIVEBLOG: Wolfson vs Emmanuel

Wolfson vs Emmanuel compete for the title of ‘inevitable winner’ of University Challenge

Syrian Community Criticises University Over Magdalene Master’s Appearance at ‘Pro-Assad Conference’

The conference features members of the Syrian dictatorship

Cambridge sinks in Student Experience Rankings

The university performed awfully in welfare

Come on Cambridge, stop lying about access

The figures show things are getting worse

LIVEBLOG: Football Cuppers Final

Minute by minute updates on Pembroke vs Fitz

House of Lords blocks Tory proposal to link tuition fee rises to league table ranking

An amendment has defeated the government’s plans

Which Peep Show character is your college?

Tell you what, that crack is really moreish

Gown-wearing Catz student assaulted on Silver Street

The incident has been linked to the burning of a £20 note

REVIEW: The Footlights LADY Smoker

An all female and non-binary line up fail to disappoint.

CLASS LISTS could change to opt-in system because of new laws

Remember the referendum?

Varsity under fire for the publication of ‘antisemitic rhetoric’ in Jared Kushner profile

They have since issued an apology to JSOC and rebuttal article

Trump protest to take place in Cambridge TODAY following Muslim Ban

The demonstration is part of an international backlash against the President

University Proposes New Degree Classification System

No more lying on your CV

Come on, liberals. We fucked up with Trump.

It’s raining statuses – after a drought of support for the alternative.

Toxic Masculinity: a Disaffected Generation

Masculinity is in crisis, but it’s not what it seems

REVIEW: Cambridge Shorts

An excellent night of Cambridge filmmaking

Your indie music taste doesn’t make you cool

There’s a solid chance you’re boring

The Universal Truth of Subject Stereotypes

Sorry Mathmos

CUCA releases Fresher’s Guide “for matriculating ladies and gentlemen”

There were 4 pages dedicated to the specifics and function of formal wear.

Fear And Loathing in Referendums

Why it’s okay to feel a little bit scared

Is This It? May Balls and Disappointment

The dangers of May Week expectations

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: My Revision Period In Smiths Tracks

How a jangly 80s indie band perfectly summed up the revision period

Perhaps it’s time we started playing the ball and not the man

Being for the benefit of Mr Kite

Tourist Troubles: The Plight of a Cyclist

Why King’s Parade is the most dangerous street in the city

Perhaps it’s time we stop talking about exams

I need a safe space

Chronic hipsterism is ruining my life

Why I’m such a prick: the article

What Cambridge has done to the Mancunian in me

Warning: this article contains generalisations, slang and repeated references to 90s alt rock

Stephen Fry condemns the “self pity” of abuse victims and “infantile” student activism

He said the advances of the Enlightenment are being deliberately pushed back

Has Cindecent Exposure Gone Too Far?

Or is this article just too meta?

Pipe down humanities, you don’t know suffering

You need to stay quiet when we’re whining

CUSU BME Campaign launches “David Starkey should not represent Cambridge” petition

The campaign said his racist comments meant he should not represent the university

Weed smokers are just boring

Cambridge ones, that is.

It’s time we all forgave Nick Clegg

There are far more deserving receptacles for your bourgeoisie loathing.

PEMBROKEN: Students in crisis as Pembroke loses its heating

Cambridge’s third oldest college lives up to its reputation