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Brexit would spell “intolerable damage” for Cambridge University

A senior professor of Cambridge University has warned a vote for Brexit would cause the future development of the University to be severely damaged.

University officials condemned by senior Italian minister over Regeni murder

Cambridge University faces the wrath of Italian government over claims that the University did not cooperate with the search for justice for Giulio Regeni.

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Stephen Hawking speaks out against the “Demagogue” Trump and the “disaster” of Brexit

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CUSU target NUS over issues of anti-Semitism in open letter

In an open letter, CUSU have challenged the NUS over their failure to address issues of anti-Semitism.

Former Pembroke Master warns of “populist uprising” in the face of EU migration crisis

Dearlove is not being a dear in his statements about refugees.

QUEXIT: Queens’ call for referendum to leave CUSU

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NUS President Malia Bouitta speaks out on accusations of anti-Semitism

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