University Challenge semi final LIVEBLOG: Wolfson vs Emmanuel

Wolfson vs Emmanuel compete for the title of ‘inevitable winner’ of University Challenge

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Young vs Mature, Seagull vs Monkman, Emma vs Wolfson, join us here for the University Challenge semi final.


Emma and Wolfson reveal their firepower. Emma having displayed a flawless record throughout the heats, Wolfson possessing the behemoth of the Monkman. The opening questions begin.


Monkman on fine form, bags a starter for 10 with ‘the Gunpowder plot’. Can he drag his team to the final?


Chaudri wins another for Wolfson (I recognise him from physics lectures), so begins conferring…


Naturalistic fallacy? More like an un-naturalistic phallacy. Hill takes one back for Emma


Oh come on, that was GCSE level physics. Monkman nabs another with ‘De Broglie’.


PICTURE ROUND TIME. A map. I really don’t understand, but Monkman brings it home with ‘peace’.


Wolfson killing it right now. But christ, this round. ‘Stain glass in the North West’. Even as a Mancunian I’m bored.


Wolfson 95 – Emma 70. It’s the close race we were all hoping for.


The whole Emma team bares the same pained expression. They’ve rarely been in a losing position before. Now for the music round *sigh*


Neck and neck now, with Wolfson just 5 points in the lead. Then Monkman wins another. He really is one fire today.


My word, Monkman is dominating. Seagull can’t get a word in, as he wins another starter for ten. It’s looking bleak for Emma now.


Hill the dark horse yet again, as he wins a starter for 10 by spelling out some obscure capital cities. Surely the most under appreciated contestant.


Paxman balks at Wolfson’s suggestion of ‘Wordworth’. How laughable…


HILL AT IT AGAIN. Although he did guess ‘Yorkshire Dales’. Either way, we at the Tab are now #TeamHill


AND ANOTHER. Hill nails a starter for 10 on Monet. But is it too late?


It is too late. Wolfson win it by 30 points. What a match, what a spectacle. When Monkman is on that kind of form there’s not much that can stop him (besides a fiery Ted Loveday). It’s goodbye from Emma, Wolfson, and the Tab. Goodbye.