BREAKING: JULIAN ASSANGE to speak in Maths faculty TODAY

The divisive speaker is set to speak via videolink at the Maths Faculty.

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Controversial editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks and wanted subject of a rape investigation Julian Assange is set to give a lecture today at 4pm in the Maths Faculty.

The Australian is set to give a talk hosted by the Cambridge Ethics in Mathematics Society. His appearance has been selectively advertised by the faculty, most probably because of the divisive nature of the speaker. In 2015, Assange’s Union appearance was subject to a referendum among Union members over platforming him, eventually leading to the resignation of the societies’ women’s officer, over Assange’s implication in a ‘lesser degree rape case’.

Assange attracted controversy at the Union in 2015

At the time, CUSU’s former Women’s Officer Charlie Chorley said “Assange’s evasion of justice is not an example of free speech, but rather, a denial of the freedom of those women alleging sex crimes against him to speak out. Anyone attempting to defend his presence on these grounds falls short of a legitimate argument.”

With 77% of members voting to give Assange platform, the talk itself was as controversial as expected, featuring the infamous “Collateral Murder” footage, which shows the death of 12 people in a US Apache Helicopter attack in New Baghdad.

Like in his Union appearance, Assange will give the lecture via Videolink, given he has been confined to the Ecuadorean embassy in London since he was granted asylum there in 2012. The subject of his talk is still unclear, given the highly secret nature of the talk, but is rumoured to be on ‘ethics’.

Speaking to the Tab a University spokesperson said “This afternoon’s event has been organised by the Cambridge Ethics in Mathematics Society. It will be well-chaired and there will be an opportunity for open and robust questioning of the speaker by the audience.”

The Tab contacted WomCam for comment, who said they’d speaking to the Math’s faculty directly.

Despite the University’s attempt to keep the event secret, Assange’s appearance is guaranteed to be controversial. Follow the Tab for more updates.