Racist graffiti discovered in the Law Faculty

An email was sent to all Law students

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In an email sent out to all Law students, the Chair of the Law Faculty Richard Fentiman announced that a desk in a Law Faculty lecture theatre has been defaced with 'racially abusive graffiti'.

Titled "Lecture Theatre Incident", Professor Fentiman's email set out the no tolerance approach of the University and the Faculty to the graffiti, the nature of which is still unknown.

The email was sent to all Law students

The email was sent to all Law students

"In the course of today it was brought to our attention that a desk in one of our lecture theatres had been defaced with racially abusive graffiti. We are grateful to the students who reported this.

"Such abuse is contrary to the values of tolerance and mutual respect which are fundamental to our community and which it is mission of this University and Faculty to defend."

"As a Faculty we will do our utmost to support those who are offended by such behaviour. The University authorities will also take appropriate action against anyone found to be responsible for such conduct. "

Professor Fentiman encouraged any with information regarding the incident to report it via the Faculty's online feedback system.

This is not the first incident of racially abusive behaviour on the Sidgwick site. Last Lent, anti-semitic holocaust denial fliers were circulated around various areas in Cambridge, including Sidgwick, provoking a response from then Vice-Chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.