Vice-Chancellor issues statement on anti-Semitism

This comes after several anti-Semitic incidents over the past few days.

anti-semitism Cambridge Cambridge University racism Sir Leszek Borysiewicz vice-chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, has issued a statement condemning anti-Semitism after multiple incidents over the past few days across town.

On Sunday, it was tweeted by a university research fellow that anti-semitic Holocaust denial flyers had been left around Sidgwick site and in other areas of Cambridge.

Swastikas were also found vandalised on maps on Jesus Green.

The flyers were circulated around Sidgwick Site

In his statement, the Vice-Chancellor said “I was profoundly concerned to have learnt that anti-semitic leaflets denying the existence of the Holocaust have been distributed across the University.  Similar material has been distributed across the City.   The increase in the number of racist incidents nationally deeply concerns me and should remind us that we must be ever vigilant in the face of racism and bigotry.

The Vice Chancellor has condemned the incidents.

The recent commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day should remind us all of the horrors of racism and all acts of hatred and aggression against any religious or racial group. I strongly condemn the distribution of Holocaust denial leaflets across the University and elsewhere.”

 “The University of Cambridge is an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community. I urge you to join me in encouraging understanding, respect and open dialogue among all groups – within the University in particular and in society in general.”