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From Fresher to Tab writer, it’s the Circle of Life

Cambridge alumnus Alex Woolf convicted for uploading stolen images to porn sites

Following his recent conviction, The Tab talks to Alex Woolf’s victims who speak out against his “depraved” crimes

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Cambridge University spends more on academic prizes than its counselling service

A bit worrying

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We are a generation of flakes and something needs to change

The endemic culture of bailing

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The Tab meets the creators of the Feeling Blue documentary

Cambridge grads Luke Naylor-Perrott and Jay Richardson on their new film exploring mental health at Cambridge university

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Strippers, coffins, and black arm bands: how Cambridge reacted to the admission of female students

Cambridge University’s shocking history with the admission of women

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The Dragtime Diaries

Want to know what it takes to look this fabulous? Look no further….

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CUCFS: Meet the models

Spoiler alert: they’re fit

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The results are in: The Tab’s BIG LOVE SURVEY

In other words, Tinder is riddled with English students

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CUSU REJECTS strike action refund

Students could have been compensated hundreds of pounds each by the University

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Cambridge has a ‘serious problem’ with sexual misconduct

The University of Cambridge reported the highest number of sexual misconduct cases, but initiatives are in place to support staff and students

LIVE BLOG: The 2018 Cambridge x Oxford Boat Races

Here to provide all the insights, updates, drama and gossip of this momentous day

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The many myths of the ‘strong woman’!

Oh-oh-oh mysterious girl…

BREAKING: Footlights President resigns over BME concerns

Criticism over BME under-representation in Footlights shows led to her decision

LIVE BLOG: CUSU/GU Election Coverage

Another year, another twelve months of student representation…

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Are Oxford and Cambridge responsible for the academic strikes?

‘Elite’ universities accused of skewing the pensions dispute

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Why I will be crossing the picket line

Lecturers strike – students have the right to go to lectures

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Cam FM to run 24 hour radio marathon for mental health

It’s time to talk

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I quit social media

And nobody died

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PARADISE PAPERS: Why Cambridge students should campaign for divestment

Let’s make a noise in this city of libraries