LIVEBLOG: Football Cuppers Final

Minute by minute updates on Pembroke vs Fitz

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Thought Barcelona vs PSG was a bit dull? Sick of watching Arsenal get another hammering? Then stay tuned for the clash of the titans, as the formidable Fitz take on the powerful Pembroke.

With Pembroke making the final for the 4th time in a row,they are looking to overcome their footballing demons (the loss to Robinson still hurts)  and follow the the lead of the women’s team who stormed to victory just weeks ago.

Fitz look to replicate the form that brought them back to back cuppers in 2012 and 2013. While few of that legendary squad are likely to remain, no doubt the current team will channel their spirit, in the hope of adding another trophy to the cabinet.

Scroll down for real time updates as both colleges bid to become Champions


FT 2-0 to Fitzwilliam

Fitz take the Cuppers. For all Pembroke’s effort, Fitz’z quality showed with that free kick. Both defences were almost impenetrable, with only a dubious free kick separating the teams for most of the match. One does wonder how Fitz ended up with 8 Blues…

One bitter Pembroke fan, signing off. Good night.



Cross comes in off the left, passes the defence and is tucked in at the back post Surely there is now way back now?


4 minutes added on. Can Pembroke overcome their cuppers curse? Or will Fitz hold on?


Pem’s usual Captain Mark Bittlestone stands legs apart on the side lines. One can’t help but think of Ronaldo in the Euro’s final…


Fitz’s Joe Gregory goes down on collision with the Ifere. Appears to be quite badly hurt, and is promptly subbed.


Patrick Tice, current University Cricket captain comes on for Fitz. Justo Lopez on for Pembroke.


Pembroke Captain Oldfield appears to have picked up a cramp. Perhaps time to dip into the bench.


There’s goals in this one yet, let me tell you.


It’s close from Burdett. Left footed volley from Burdettto the top corner. Well kept from the keeper.


Fitz nearly fashion a chance from a good corner but Pembroke’s dogged defence bails them out again.


Eddie Spence has yet to return from his cigarette leaving Sports Editor emeritus Alex Thomas in charge of the blog


Fitz have begun to time waste with one of their strikers going down ‘injured’


Referee is clearly one sided, another bad decision in favour of Fitz…


Controversial foul for Fitz in the middle. Chants of ‘fuck UEFA’ from the Pem firm.


Lovely free kick from Fitz, across the face of goal but no one can get hold of it. Goal kick Pembroke.


After a long free kick Pem win the corner. Oldfield’s delivery has been immaculate all night.

Fitz clear, but Pembroke are pressing.


Both teams out and play resume, the next goal is of course, vital.


Fitz really are looking comfortable in possession. Perhaps it’s time for Pembroke to change tac. There’s pace all over this team, can they utilise it?


Expert football analyst Dan Sanderson of ADC fame says “Fitz look the more assured, but the plenty Pembroke team. Pem look dangerous in the Fitz box and Ifere will warm into the game”

Cheers Dan


Referee blows for half time, one fantastic free kick separates the teams. More to follow.


There’s just no way past Burdett. Stops another attack from the wing. Usually a centre back, played out of position at right back, he looks handy.


Pembroke switched to a 4-4-2, with Ifere and Nielson up front.Time for some long balls.


I’ve opened another tinnie, not much else happening.


Spyrou is through on goal, but the centre back bundle him off. Pinder collects. Spyrou looks furious, but there aren’t many complaints to be had.


Ifere cuts outside, shot off the right, it’s magical… it’s wide…


From outside of the box, Fitz shoot, Binder saves. Fitz looking dangerous.


Agonisingly close! Pembroke almost strike back immediately as Oldfield crosses to Ifere, who puts it just wide.



Whipped in beautifully, not much the keeper could do



High foot from Pembroke leads to a Fitz free kick, just outside the box. This looks dangerous…


For all their blues, Fitz are being dominated here. The energy of Pembroke’s midfield and Ifere’s power and pace is too much to handle.


Rodkin whips in a cross after a neat Cruyff turn. Tests the keeper


Johnny Oldfield makes a powerful run, wins a corner. Pembroke have Fitz pinned.


Kick off and Fitz play a long ball… out of play. Goal kick to Pembroke


Goal scorer in last years final, David Ifere looks confident. Can he replicate last years goal scoring form? That remains to be seen


Teams take the field, both firms go wild. The atmosphere is tense, kick off shortly.


Fitzwilliam’s squad

1. Henry Warne 2. Joe Gregory 3.Tom Dunn Massey 4. Joe Ellis 5. Tom Bell 6. Stefan Wolf 7. Peter Rutzler 8. Dan Sandbach 9. Rufus Saunders 10. Goeric Huybrechts 11. Alexi Spyrou

Bench: Donnelly, Taylor, Opara, Salmon, Tice, Hepp

Stacked with Blues, but keeping their formation secret. Let’s see if it works, kick off in 7 mins.



Pembroke’s squad

  1. Jack Binder (GK) 2. James Burdett 3. Stanley Allan 4. Demos Christou 5. Joe Carroll 6. Will Glennester 7. Jonny Oldfield (C) 8. Tom Ogier 9. Harry Rudkin 10. Marcus Nielsen 11. David Ifere

Bench: Agostini, Bittlestone, Berenson-Barros, Lopez, Francis

Look to be playing a 4-3-3, Barca style.

Can this team break the Pembroke Cuppers curse? Kick off at 7:30pm


With only 15 minutes to kick off, both teams are warming up, looking sharp. Why bore yourself with CUSU elections when you could stay right here, and catch the biggest match of the year.

On the other hand, both Pem and Fitz firms have already descended into abusive chants. This looks to be a fiery one. Stay tuned for line ups.