Meet the Lifestyle Columnists

Food, sex and fashion. What more is there to life?

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Make no bones about it, the Cantab lifestyle isn’t easy.

Late nights, shit clubs, long hours and dry work can really grind the soul down, so it’s important we don’t forget what really matters in life. As we prepare for the agonising grind through the hellish landscape of exam term, it’s good to know that the Tab have curated three columnists to remind you that the Cambridge life is more than essay crisis and day long labs.

Through the power of food, sex and fashion these queens of culture will show you what your Easter term really could be. You asked, so we give you the Lifestyle Columnists.

SexBelen Bale

Within the first five minutes of meeting Bel, you will learn that her proudest achievement to date is featuring in the instant classic ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ (for approx 3 seconds) as it was filmed in her hometown of Eastbourne. Bel loves moaning about Eastbourne almost as much as she loves talking about sex, and she firmly believes that describing the anatomy of a vagina using Spoons’ condiments to her friends qualifies her enough to write about it on a weekly basis.

Passionate about inclusivity and sexual health, Bel’s main aims are to: take the shame out of the walk of shame, extol the virtues of lube, destroy the image of sex as a heteronormative construct (the duty of an HSPS student)  and provide all the love and advice on how to get the sexual healing that Cantabs really need.

Fashion – Livie Tolson

Olivia, or Livie to pretty much everyone, is looking forward to a new way to attempt to justify why a disproportionate amount of her bank balance disappears in the likes of Zara and Urban Outfitters. She is yet to have made her weekly trip to Sainsbury’s without dropping into the Grand Arcade for a spot of window shopping or, on the darker days, retail therapy. She is a great advocate of the latter and hopes that her column will help encourage other Cantabs to go forth and splurge…partially as this may help her feel better about her own spending habits.

At the moment it is hard to know what exactly to expect from her column but here is a Vogue idea of what may be hitting your news feeds in the near future: hauls, street style (yes, I’m coming for you fashionistas of Cambridge so whip out those wavey garms), May Ball dressing and more. She hopes that, although she understands not everyone finds clothes as exciting as she does, her column will at least be an amusing read.

Food – Dani Cugini

After her latest cooking endeavour, Dani decided becoming food columnist was necessary to avoid being accused of attempted arson. Most of her activities consist of various forms of irritation: slightly irking the Footlights (theatre reviewer), casual etymological pedantry (English student) and stabbing people with pens (the Assassin’s Guild, and, well, English student). She has cutting-edge knowledge of the culinary scene, having bought quinoa at least once.

Whether you want to eat well, dress nice or have great sex, these columns will be your guide for Easter term.