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Sex is Dangerous

Things can… snap

Meet the Lifestyle Columnists

Food, sex and fashion. What more is there to life?

Virginia Vagina: Why is everyone so hot?

VIRGINIA VAGINA solves all your sex problems. This week: is it okay for your attentions to wander?

Cambridge students pull rolls of film out of their anus and vagina

Two students laid on a new piece of performance art with a bizarre and shocking twist

I ain’t shaving, and nor should you

RUBY STRINGER doesn’t shave, so why do you?

We Need to Talk About Vaginas

It’s time to have a conversation about FGM, says MORWENNA JONES.

SEX SURVEY RESULTS: How many partners?

We reveal how much sex you’ve all been having in comparison to other Universities

Sex In The Cam

In the first instalment of our new sex column, we discover just how ruthlessly efficient Germans can be in the bedroom.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC drops the c-bomb, loud and proud.

Bums, Aliens and Victorian Porn: The UL’s Secrets

Vaginas, Jewish porn and anal surgery: the UL’s got it all if you know where to look. ANNA SHEINMAN gives you a tour of the library’s dirtiest corners.

Music To Shag To

DAVID HOLLAND: If music be the food of love, go forth and shag to good tunes.

Review: The Vagina Monologues

LOTTIE UNWIN challenges all men and encourages all women to go and see this show.