Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC drops the c-bomb, loud and proud.

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That is all.


Does it get your knickers in a twist; do you find your lady bits shriveling with disgust if someone offers to fuck your cunt? Or are you the kind of LAD that calls his mate a cunt if they are being a dick?

Words of such potency and texture need to be treated with due respect. As it’s V day today, I feel the need to focus on my favourite word: cunt. I’m not a fan of it being used as a derogatory term: ladies, cunt is ours and it’s special. Something as delicious and important as the word and the object it represents should be cherished.

It matters that cunt is said and said well: it’s a word that empowers the physicality of the living object. Cunt is a feminist issue, and as the Vagina Monologues before me, I want to reclaim it. I hate the word ‘pussy’ less than many of my friends but there is no doubt that it is slightly submissive, and like other words for ‘it’, less powerful than cunt.

I find that people take offence from language too quickly, when they should be thinking about the intention behind it. If someone has a problem with ‘cunt’, I think they really need to ask themselves why, what is it about it?

Is it the vagina itself? Which should offend no one. Is it simply saying the word? Did someone tell you it was rude? Is it the C, that opens the back of your throat or the NT that brings your tongue to your teeth? Or is the luscious uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh in the middle? I don’t know, but personally I love the middle bit, the bit just before it ends, but when you know it’s nearly there. That’s good. Fucking good… MMMmmm empowered cunty compliance.

But back to cunts and moving away from cocks (for now), I am deadly serious that this needs to become a non-taboo word. Caitlin Moran is doing her impressive best, but I feel we all need to join in, not sit on the sidelines.

For anyone who feels that cunts, or talking about them is offensive, or a non- issue watch this:


I know one of these ladies pretty well, and I know it took her more than a bit of fucking gumption to perform a version of the Vagina Monologues in Lebanon.

Next time you think of wincing because someone mentions cunt, or worse feminism, think of the people elsewhere who aren’t lucky enough to have such fucked-up sensitivities. Are you worried that no one will fancy you if you say that you’re a feminist, that you have a cunt and you’re proud?

Or is it that you think it’s not necessary, or that extreme feminism has made both words dirty? Think of what it really means to be able to stand up and say it, when so many are less liberated than you are.

So here it is, my campaign for cunt. Be you prude or vulgar smut-mouth, use it, I beg you, in a sentence today. Or a Facebook status, if you’re bold enough. It’s a beautiful word and a beautiful thing. Lads use it wisely and ladies will love you for it. Ladies use it proudly, respect it and above all put it out there.

Say cunt because you can.