Anna Isaac
'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single epileptic of no fortune must be in want of a life.' A new publication by Brevity Drizzle-thatch. The never-critically-acclaimed writer (formally Drizzle-thatch) scribbles about things you might have thought, but had too great a sense public of shame to share. Whet…

Kafka’s Dick

Even though it features an actual tortoise, this production fails to un-tedious its tedium, writes ANNA ISAAC.

The Pitchfork Disney

Beloved former columnist ANNA ISAAC makes her return with the Tab’s second ever ‘UNCLASSIFIABLE’ theatre review.

Complacency and Abort67

On Monday 40 protestors from the anti-abortion group Abort67 set up banners in Queen’s road showing graphic images of aborted foetuses. ANNA ISAAC doesn’t want us to get complacent about exactly what’s at stake.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC loves the Jubilee but aint a fan of Polly Toynbee.


ANNA ISAAC finds a play which discusses some controversial issues with flair and sensitivity.

A View from the Bridge

ANNA ISAAC gets gleefully Miller-ed up in a review of A View from the Bridge in the ‘Bridge.


ANNA ISAAC is left Elektrafied by this mesmerising performance.

The 24 Hour Plays 2011

Five plays, five directors, five writers, five producers, five designers, five groups of five actors, but only one ANNA ISAAC.


ANNA ISAAC on Berkoff and jerk-off in more or less equal measure. And SHOUTING.