skandar keynes

Skandar Keynes: Week 8

In his final column, Skandar Keynes considers his image as hapless foreigner in the Lebanese ranks.

Skandar Keynes: Week 6

SKANDAR isn’t working for MI6. Honest. Nevertheless, with a license to thrill, this week our foreign corespondent tackles the issue of stereotypes.

Skandar Keynes: Week 5

This week, SKANDAR ponders the Syrian conflict and how it affects life in neighbouring Lebanon.

Skandar Keynes: Week 2

This week, SKANDAR comes face-to-face with a machine gun in an attic – but he still feels safe.

Skandar Keynes: Week 1

Foreign correspondent SKANDAR KEYNES touches down in the remote Beqaa Valley – but he has his reasons.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC drops the c-bomb, loud and proud.